September 15, 2011

Up For It

I like when funny, talented people are on my TV.  Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolf are funny, talented people and I loved having them on my TV last night on Up All Night

This is a sweet, slice-of-life show and I enjoy that.  Applegate's Reagan and Arnett's Chris are recognizable people.  I know those people.  They're friends of mine.  I don't know anyone like Rudolf's Ava personally, but we're all used to seeing that character on TV and in movies and it's a fun character to watch.  The entire show is full of moments that are fun to watch, but you know what I didn't think the show was terribly full of?  Big laughs.  Or, really, laughs at all.  Maybe it's because I know before it happens what the "punchline" is, or maybe I was just too tired when I watched it.  I liked it.  I liked the jokes.  I smiled several times.  I just didn't laugh.  Not once. 

The one thing about the show that's giving me pause isn't even about its ability to make me laugh.  It's that Will Arnett doesn't really have much to do.  He's such a funny guy, I hope he isn't overshadowed by the slightly more crackling repartee that's happening between Reagan and Ava in the office.  I hope he gets to do more than hold the baby, be understanding, and shop for normal cheese.

It gets a season pass at my house because even if it doesn't make me laugh out loud, it makes me smile.  I like the show. 

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Brenda B said...

Ok I'm slacking because I totally wanted to watch that and I missed giving it a SP before it aired. GRRRR! I'd better get on the ball and add things.