September 7, 2011

All Hail The Douchebag Jar

I really enjoyed  the New Girl pilot (currently free on iTunes) and all of the people in it.  When Zooey Deschanel finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her in the opening minutes of the show, you get a sense that while she's as cute as a grown woman can possibly be, she is also as unaware of herself as a person can be.  That doesn't sound like high praise but since it's a comedy, her lack of social skills and her generally oddness are quite funny.  Deschanel's comic timing is spot on - I enjoy a good mumbled punchline and bad singing played for laughs - but it's her three male roommates who bring the necessary "normalcy" to the mix that makes her Jessica a real girl instead of a cartoon. 

Nick (Jake M. Johnson) is a recent dumpee himself who is having a hard time getting over his ex-girlfriend.  Schmidt (Deputy Leo, er, Max Greenfield) is a recovering douchebag who spends a lot of time paying fines to the world's greatest invention - the douchebag jar - on his road to recovery.  Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) is a personal trainer who has a low tolerance for dochebagery and no idea how to talk to women.  Unfortunately, Damon Wayans, Jr. has another job on Happy Endings that will prevent him from sticking around on New Girl so the roommate dynamic will change a bit, but I have ho reason to think that Lamorne Morris's Winston won't be just as fun as Coach. 

This show probably won't be any one's favorite of the new season, but it's funny and cute and a comedy worth checking out.  I've already given it a season pass.

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