June 14, 2011

She Doesn't Know What She's Not Missing

Remember when I said that most of the characters on Switched At Birth were assholes but then they started to behave a little bit better, like maybe they weren't TOTAL assholes?  I was wrong.  Total assholes. 

The Kennishes continue to think that they should get to be the primary parents to all kids everywhere this week, with Red Kennish flipping right the fuck out about Regina letting her kid ride on the back of a motor cycle driven by a deaf guy.  Because deaf people can't hear honking so they shouldn't be allowed to drive anything at all. 

Papa Kennish, meanwhile, is taking charge of who they should sue over the baby switching and when Regina says she doesn't want to sue anyone he's pissed because of how much she needs the gobs and gobs of money they'll get.  And he agrees with his wife that she knows better than Regina how to parent Daphne but then he catches Bay sneaking in the window in the middle of the night when she's grounded and decides to keep that from the Mrs. because her punishment is so irrational. 

Bay whines and feels sorry for herself and does not try to be friends with Daphne but she does make eyes at Emmett's sexiness (as well she should) and then make out with Ty after he helps her with some of her graffiti art. 

Because the show didn't think they had enough assholes, they also introduced us to the two rudest teenage boys on earth when Daphne went on a date with Liam and they ran into his friends who talked shit about Daphne and made fun of deaf people right in front of her.  Liam asked them nicely to stop.  They didn't.  He let it go.  Daphne bailed and called the dreamy Emmett to rescue her. 

In other news of people who have apparently never interacted with deaf people before in their lives, the Kennishes continue to talk to Daphne a mile a minute while flitting to and fro and moving their heads all around.  It seems the concept of lip reading is completely lost on these selfish idiots.  But the Kennishes are the only people who are selfish and assy - Regina could not give less of a shit Daphne wanting to get to know her bio-fam. She also doesn't quite grasp the concept of "guest house" because she starts ripping down wallpaper and starting a junk pile of the items that Mama Kennish probably paid through the nose for with which the guest house had been decorated prior to Regina's arrival. 

Once again the only people that didn't act like assholes this week?  Daphne, Emmett, and Toby.  This show is on thin ice.

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