June 17, 2011

Fur Ball

What is The Nine Lives of Chloe King about?  Well, a girl was "adopted" from a war-torn orphanage and brought to America by her new father who then left the family when she was six.  She was then raised by her mother whose parenting style can best be described as "whatever." 

On her sixteenth birthday, she suddenly develops the power to run really fast, leap to and fro, produce creepy claws where her fingernails should be, talk to boys, throw a basketball into a trashcan from 30 yards, scare dogs, and not stay dead when pushed off of observation towers.  Fortunately for her, there are a couple of other kids at her school with similar powers and they give her the skinny: she's a descendant of some kind of ancient cat race.  There's almost no more useful info except that if she kisses these boys she suddenly feels comfortable enough to talk to, they'll die. 

Oh, also, the coming back to life thing means she's the specialist of all the special cat people and she has...yeah, nine lives. 

This show is not what I would call good.  Her friends are annoying, her fellow cat people are annoying, her mom is annoying, and she is annoying.  You know who isn't annoying? Grey Damon.  He's really cute has Chloe's love interest...who she can never kiss. 

Depending on how my busy summer schedule shakes out, this one might be on the shortest of leashes. 

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