April 28, 2011

I'm Holding Out For A Hero...With Wooden Bullets

Sometimes I need to ruminate on The Vampire Diaries for a while before I can talk about it, but tonight I had some thoughts that I had to get down before the awesomeness overwhelmed me and my brain melted.  You know how it is.  

I know I give Damon a lot of shit for having the worst plans ever, but once he cleared that "turn Elena into a vampire" hurdle early in the ep, he seemed to be doing ok for himself plan-wise.  Not great mind you, but I've seen him do so much worse (remember that time he made Alaric convince Jenna to throw a party and only invite two people and then he stabbed Hot Uncle Mason? Yeah).  He was being so save-y and helpful and it verged on fun to watch. 

Of course, on TVD, the very best plan the good guys ever have is still a million times worse than the worst plan the bad guys have so Damon got screwed like a fame-whoring Kardashian.  I always knew that the backfire was coming.  As they say, the Jules that disappears in the first act will certainly become integral to the plot in the third.  You know what I didn't see coming though?  A vampy Jenna!  That shit just got REAL!  

I also wouldn't have guessed that when Matt came to his senses and decided not to hate and murder his girlfriend, that his first move would be to save Damon's ass from Whitey.  My reaction to this moment of sheer awesomeness?  I screamed "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod" roughly 87 times while I flailed around on my couch waving my hands and kicking my feet like a certified crazy for approximately 3 full minutes.  That is not an exaggeration as my roommate will attest.  

Tyler came back which was no surprise at all but it was all kinds of pleasant to have him back.  His hair is just a little longer and his wardrobe is just a little more manly and he's carrying himself just a little more self-assuredly and let me tell you, the month he spent dealing with his wolfitude was not wasted.  Caroline noticed.  

She also noticed that her boyfriend, whom she thought was compelled to know nothing about vampires and werewolves and whatnot, brought a gun full of wooden bullets to a vampire fight and that he was in no way taken aback by talk of dead witches and wolfing BFFs.  As usual, Caroline has her hands full but handles it like the skilled BAMF she so totally is.  

So, in summation: Klaus has a werewolf (Jules), a vampire (a mid-transformation Jenna), a witch (Doc's daughter), the moonstone, and a doppelganger. Damon has a werebite on his arm.  Matt and Caroline are trapped in the old Lockwood dungeon with Tyler the wolf boy.  Next Thursday is a million years away.  


Anonymous said...

Matt Donovan saved the day. Matt. Human Matt. And then Damon knocked him out for helping. I need more time to process everything else.

Mikey B said...

Fame-whoring Karadshian?! I seriously laughed out loud...so much so, that I had to spell that all the way out. It is my new favorite adjective.