February 8, 2011

Weekend In Reviews

Yes, I'm putting up my Weekend In Reviews post after the post about what I watched on Monday.  I'm all over the place this week, just go with it. 

30 Rock, Season 3 - I kind of love this show and I hate myself for not watching all along.  Jack Donaghy might be my favorite corporate executive character in the history of the world.  In real life (as opposed to here, on the internet) I'm an executive assistant in corporate America.  I know many, many people who are, in their own ways, like Jack.  What makes Jack brilliant is that he's the distillation of every corporate executive quality I've come across into one hilariously funny man.  He isn't the only thing to love about the show though.  I find the entire cast very entertaining and in the third season I enjoyed the addition of Cheyenne Jackson's Danny and how he shook up the dynamics on the 6th floor a bit.  They also utilize stunt-cast guest stars better than any other show I've ever seen.  Now I can't wait until the 4th season comes out on DVD.

Parks & Recreation - I watched all of season one (all 6 episodes) and the first 5 of the second and am very much enjoying it.  So far, I like it a lot but I don't quite love it.  It seems like neither Mark (Paul Schneider) nor Ann (Rashida Jones) are given much to do and certainly none of it is all that funny so I could take or leave them.  Actually, I guess Ann is sort of there to be the straight-man for Leslie and also so that we can keep Andy and since I love Andy, she can totally stay.  Mark is pretty boring though.  All in all, a show that's totally worth watching. 

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