February 2, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

Or at least it seems that way because it seems like only yesterday the kids of One Tree Hill were swapping partners and giving Nathan and Haley the business for tying the knot in high school and now Brooke Davis is a married lady. 

It was a nice wedding that went off without a hitch, thanks to Skillz who put himself in charge of preventing the typical Tree Hill wedding hijinks.  You know the sorts of things I mean - revelations of prostitution, stolen limos careening off of bridges, drowning grooms, multiple possible pregnancies, car-induced cold feet that cause the bride to run away, the usual.   There were still a few jinks of the hi variety (Skillz yelling out in church to prevent anyone objecting to the nuptials, Chase and Mia getting caught by all the guests screwing in the limo), but they were small potatoes compared to the things we've seen in this berg in the past. 

It was a shame that Brooke's dad stood her up for their walk down the aisle but after 7 1/2 seasons and...12 years (wow, those time jumps really added up, didn't they?) of seeing hide nor hair of the man, I expected nothing less, or more, as the case may be.  Victoria walked her daughter down the aisle and it was lovely and more appropriate that way anyway.  And, frankly, the most touching moment of the entire episode for me was when the DJ announced that Julian would be dancing with his mother and Brooke with her father and Paul chivalrously stepped in to dance with Brooke.  I eat that shit up you guys. 

Haley's toast was the story of the first time she and Brooke ever hung out together (that of "Every Night Is Another Story") and that was fun.  Jamie's toast was also a story which, was fine except for two things: 1) it sounded so freaking rehearsed and not at all like a kid; and 2) we'd all just heard Julian tell the same story, like 20 minutes before that so...ppbbbblllllttttt!

The wedding was...not the prettiest they've had on this show (that'd be Nathan and Haley's second, in case you were wondering).  I didn't love Brooke's dress, and while we're on that subject, I know she lost the company and doesn't have a lot of money but, I don't know why that meant she couldn't make herself the pretty dress she'd had sketched out all these seasons.  I mean, remember when she made Haley's wedding dress out of the bedspread?  Brooke's dress was gorgeous compared to Julian's hair though.  Holy shit, what happened?  It was awful from the first glimpse in the episode but then they popped in some flashbacks that were all, "look how Julian used to have good hair and be hot.  Now he looks like the biggest dork in the 4th grade."  Wedding pictures are forever, you guys.  That hair is a tragedy that won't be forgotten.  Haley looked pretty in her dress which was about the most flattering of all her pregnancy outfits so far but most of the other girls not so much.  Quinn in particular was wearing a deeply fug dress with illusion netting and her hair in sort of a top-knot bun.  It's always nice to want the bride to be the prettiest one at her wedding, but you don't need to look quite that terrible.  You're not taking a bullet for the woman! 

Anyway, that's what happened in the Hill last night.  Oh, one last thing, I'm really enjoying the budding friendship between Quinn and Alex.  It gives both of them something decent to do and they're good for one another.  It's a shame they can't seem to find much for Clay to do though.  That poor guy is scenery this season. 

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