January 10, 2011

Weekend In Reviews

I really wanted to get another Canon entry up this weekend but, sadly, that didn't happen. 

What I did do this weekend was watch a lot of news that once again made me sad to live in Arizona.  It made me sad for the families of the 6 people who were killed and the 13 others that were wounded when a mentally unstable boy opened fire on a parking lot full of people who didn't know him and had never done anything to him.  It made me sad to live in a world where so many people saw this horrific incident as an opportunity to further their own political or ideological agenda.  It just made me sad. 

As an antidote to the depressing, emotionally-draining goings on on the news, I kept trying to counter-program with episodes of 30 Rock.  I finished the first and second seasons of the show and enjoyed it a lot.  It made for a lot of refreshing 20 minute respites from the tragic news unfolding in Tucson.  Alec Baldwin is a comic genius. 

And when I finally managed to turn the news off for the rest of the day and head into the kitchen to make up a pot of soul-comforting soup, I cut my thumb pretty badly. 

So I didn't get anything up here and I probably won't get another Canon entry posted until next weekend.  Sorry about that. 

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