January 28, 2011

Life Choices

Friday Night Lights usually follows a pattern of one episode = one week but this time they mixed it up a bit and spanned three weeks in a single episode.  The Lions played and won all of their playoff games and made it to State.  I summed that up in one sentence like it was nothing but, as is always the case with the football sequences, it was tense and exciting and elicited screaming cheers and orders to "RUN!" from me.  I don't cheer that hard for any unscripted sports but I never care this much about whether the real teams win or lose.  It is very important to me that the Lions make State. 

With Tim out of prison and working at Buddy's Bar & Grill, it's becoming more and more clear that the mostly mild-mannered Tim we used to know is a thing of the past.  He isn't really talking to anyone - save to ask Becky what her boyfriend thinks of her working at The Landing Strip (she says he doesn't mind but I suspect the truth is he doesn't know) and to suggest that Luke "wear a condom this time" if they have sex again.  AWK-ward!  One night, while hanging with Billy at The Landing Strip and having several beers, he questions why Billy doesn't mind his pregnant wife giving lap dances while their son is bottle fed back stage by a room full of strippers and Becky waits tables letting creepy men stuff cash down her pants and he just sits there drinking beer after beer after beer.  Billy, because he's kind of drunk and totally an idiot, says it's great by him.  Tim grows tired of watching sweaty drunkards touch Becky's bare midriff and starts a bar brawl.  I had a small panic attack imagining that such a thing would get him tossed right back in prison for a parole violation. Fortunately all that happened was that Billy hauled his ass outside where the two proceeded to have a fight wherein Tim told Billy that the deal was, Tim would ruin his own life so that Billy could fix his.  Billy thinks that having a job and a kid and a teenage boarder who chips in for rent with money she makes working at a strip club is what a fixed life looks like.  Tim disagrees and tells him so with his fist.  Tim makes to leave and Billy asks how long he will be in Tim's dog house for the chop-shop thing.  Tim suggests that it's going to be a while, possibly forever, but definitely until it's no longer necessary to remind Billy of the harsh truths of their past.  Becky, Mindy and the rest of the TLS girls look on from the door in horror and sadness while Billy weeps in the parking lot and Tim drives off. 

Later, Becky stands at Tim's truck asking why he's so pissed that she works at TLS and he just says that she can do better than that.  He's not wrong.  Luke stops by, sees them talking and drives off.  When she tries to explain the next day that it was an innocent, friendly talk, he ignores her and gets on the bus.  Everyone is in some one's dog house. 

Over the course of the 3 weeks this episode spanned, Ornette devolved into his old drinking, drugging, dealing, abusive ways.  First he had a big fight with Regina because he wanted to come home to beer and dinner but she can't have alcohol in the house.  Vince stepped in there and got Ornette to take his beer elsewhere.  Later, while Regina and Vince celebrated another victory at the BBQ joint, Ornette showed up high as a kite with leather jackets for each of them.  A small kerfuffle ensued, O tried to get physical with Regina, Vince got protectively physical back, several baggies full of drugs went a-flyin', Ornette left in a stomping huff.  Some time later, he showed up at the apartment - still high - to new locks and attempted to break down the door.  Regina called the cops and Vince begged him to leave to avoid going back to jail but O is to stupid so he stayed on the porch talkin' about how that was his house too.  They didn't show it, but I hope his ass got arrested for a whole bunch of stuff including possession with intent to sell and never gets out of the clink! 

Tami was flown up to Philadelphia to interview for an assistant dean of admissions position at a small, private college.  The dean of admissions behaves like an asshole in the interview but she continues to speak eloquently and stand her ground on her opinions then is sure he won't hire her but as it happens the president of the school offers her the job as the dean of admissions and suggests she take some time to talk it over with her husband. 

Meanwhile, her husband is back home just finding out that the budget cuts they've been making are getting worse and the district will only keep one high school football program in Dillon next year.  No one yet knows which program it'll be but since one of them is well funded by boosters and the other...isn't, I'm guessing the Lions will be the only state champs (we hope!) to be immediately disbanded.  And whether coach will have a job in Dillon next year or not may be a moot point since it looks like he'll need to follow his wife for once and relocate to Philadelphia. 

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