December 14, 2010

The Weird And The Wonderful

Three quick things about Hawaii Five-0 before my food poisoning sends me back to bed. 

1) Did James Marsters have a bizarre accent in the pilot episode?  I could have sworn he was just speaking in a nondescript American accent the first time he was on the show, then he shows up last night and suddenly he's got this terrible Irish accent that keeps slipping into an awful Texas accent and neither one is very steady.  Like, in a sentence with 10 words, 3 of them are "Irish," 3 of them are "Texas," and 4 of them are nondescript American.  I was so transfixed by it that I almost didn't notice how he tried to kill Chin-Ho by blowing his attractive head clean off. 

2) Why is Danny always so maudlin when he interacts with his daughter?  Is he really so bitter about moving from Jersey to Hawaii that he can't even joke and smile with his child at Christmas?  Lighten up, Danno! 

3) Of all the surprising and sort of insane Golden Globe nominations that were announced this morning, my favorite - and one of the few that seem insane in a good way - is Scott Caan's nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  He's pretty much the best part of the show anyway, plus it tickles me to no end what a big crush my mom has on him.  I don't know why, just does.


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