November 24, 2010

Too Good Tuesday

I was all set to start ripping Glee apart for more of their weak storytelling nonsense, but you know what?  Sue took a fairly believable anti-bullying stance and did it while still being kind of a bully herself and then Finn called Kurt his brother and danced with him at their parents wedding, and Burt was in the episode and...well shit, I can't be mad at that. 

I could not have cared less about Sue's wedding to herself or any part of that C plot.  Carol Burnett is awesome and all, but the entire wedding plot was a not-at-all-veiled excuse to shove her into an episode and it was boring.  What wasn't boring was the wedding of Burt and Carole.  Also the way the Glee kids all stuck up for Kurt in his bullying situation and were all so sad when he left school to avoid further run-ins with Karofsky. 

It wasn't a perfect episode but it was mostly fun and the story mostly hung together (annoying though, when Burt gave Finn a bit of the business for not defending Kurt against Karofsky sooner even as Finn was visibly shocked at the revelation Kurt had just made about the death threat).  For the first time in quite a while, the plots weren't something that was just whipped up and flung at a long list of songs they were going to do anyway and that was a very pleasant change of pace.  And like it wasn't enough that I totally cried at the brothering bonding moment at the reception, and again (just a little) when Kurt told everyone he was changing schools, I just watched this clip from next week's trip to Sectionals, and when Rachel cheers Kurt on and prods him to smile from the audience?  More tears!  What's happening to me? 

(Side note: could Darren Criss be any cuter?) 

Meanwhile, The Good Wife is like a grown-up version of The Vampire Diaries (not that "grown-ups" shouldn't be watching The Vampire Diaries - EVERYONE should be watching The Vampire Diaries!) because so much happens in an episode that you scarcely know where to look or how to process it all. 

"On Tap" might just be the best episode of the series so far as all the stories fit together so seamlessly and every last bit of it was riveting.  It goes without saying that Julianna Margulies is a brilliant actress but I've never seen anyone be so evocative in scene after scene while acting opposite a tape recorder and a broken desk chair. 

Some of the things that are blowing my mind:

  • Blake trying to subtly frame Kalinda for beating that psychiatrist.  Blake is starting to be really and truly scary.  I didn't expect him to be such a formidable foe Kalinda and the more frightening he gets, the more I dislike how chummy he is with Will.
  • Becca is pure evil.  My working theory is that she's actually in cahoots with Glenn Junior - tricking Zach into making a video about Junior so that they can then turn around and do much worse to the Floricks.  Whatever her game, she is obviously working Zach over and nothing good will come of it.  
  • Diane can not start her own firm with that creepy, bald weasel!  On a related note, Will can not be involved in a plot with Derrick to push Diane out of the current firm.  We need for Lockhart and Gardner to exist as Lockhart and Gardner because, as we can see from Carey's diminished screen time this season, it's harder to keep our peeps in the story if they leave the firm.  And both Will and Diane are so my peeps! 
  • Carey, while suffering from the aforementioned diminished role, is still ridiculously awesome.
  • Alicia found out, via a wire-tapped conversation, that Will left her a second voice mail that she never got and while she doesn't know that the voice mail in question told her he loves her, she knows that the sentiment in the second message was the opposite of his original "we should not be together" message so she knows enough to know that she should have already dumped Peter and been having lots of sex with Will.  But when she went to tell him all of that, she was confronted with his new girlfriend who is having all of the sex with him now!  Please tell me Alicia didn't miss her chance with Will!   



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