November 11, 2010

Half A Week In Reviews

Lots to catch up on. 

Glee - Ugh!  It's getting harder and harder to enjoy the show as a whole.  The producers and writers have turned it into After School Special: The Bizarro Musical.  They're shoe-horning in heavy-handed ones to grow on right and left and turning the few genuinely likable characters they have into annoying, inconsistent pains in the ass in the process. 

I dug the musical numbers, as usual, but further insistence that Puck is a bad-ass was unbearable and the bullying message was even worse.  The entire season last year dealt with bullying as a matter of course and I can understand if they want to step it up a bit in the wake of the recent gay-targeted bullying incidents, but the seriousness of the topic is all the more reason why it should be addressed with subtlety and not the way that the preachy, ham-fisted writers of this show chose.  It did a disservice to the topic, to Kurt, to the cute new boy and to the closeted meat-head bully.  Worst of all, it was less than entertaining.  Next week, I think I'll fast forward through the "story" and just watch the singing. 

One Tree Hill - To be honest with you, the stories this season are pretty boring but James Lafferty is getting a considerable amount of screen time and in case you haven't gathered from the other million times I mentioned it: I am in love with his shoulders.  Sweet Jesus, you put those things in a suit and the angles sing.  True story! 

Life Unexpected - Well, last week, about an hour after the show aired in my time zone, The CW announced that it would not order additional episodes for this season which means that the 13 episodes already purchased will very likely be the last produced.  It is a shame because on the whole I like the show but I also understand why others have found it difficult to enjoy because Lux is awful.  She's selfish, whiny, immature, petulant and a truly terrible friend.  She continues to "date" Tiny Teacher, even though the two of them agree that they need to never see each other again at least once every episode, and this week she really treated Tasha like shit. 

First, Lux uses Tasha's apartment to hook up with Tiny Teacher, thereby using her best friend and displacing her from her home to do something she knows that Tasha disapproves of and putting Tasha in the very difficult position of having to lie about it to everyone they know.  Then, Tiny Teacher takes Lux out of town on a date where he loses his wallet and misses the ferry home so the two of them have to get a hotel room which he can't pay for so Lux basically orders Tasha to pay for with the credit card Cate gave her for emergencies.  The credit card that is LINKED to Cate's account.  Lux says that when they get home Tiny Teacher will move the charge on to his account which nearly made my head explode because that's not how credit card charges work and if HE doesn't know that, then he's too stupid to teach!  Anyway, Cate naturally finds out and then Tasha takes the blame all on herself and Lux barely even says thank you!  As if she hadn't already proven herself to be the worst friend in the history of the world, she then uses Tasha's apartment to hook up with Teeny Teach AGAIN!  I hate that girl, I really do. 

In news of things that don't suck about the show - the marital problems between Cate and Ryan persist and their therapist recommends a they separate to give each other space while they work on it.  Ryan moves in with Baze which is effing awesome since I'm actually advocating for an entirely new show where Cate and Lux move away and Baze and Ryan become Tasha's foster parents.  And obviously Jones would stick around as her boyfriend.  It'd be like a My Two Dads reboot, but way better.  Also, Emma has a son who was raised by a boarding school and then a rehab facility until his dad dropped the teenager off on her doorstep this week.  Oh, and she and Baze mentioned that they are "falling" for each other. 

The Good Wife - Michael J. Fox is awesome and I always forget until I see him, how much I miss seeing him on my TV.  But what's really important to talk about is that we're being given just the smallest crumbs of information each week about how shady Blake (formerly known as Jason Street) is.  It's pretty clear that he beat up that therapist and is purposely trying to "out" Kalinda, though I don't know who would care about that.  What's really worrying me is his connection to Will.  I really don't want Will to be shady...or mixed up in something shady...basically I don't want there to be any reason for me to stop loving Will.  Other important things of note, Lilly Taylor is amazing and I adore Carey.  More screen time for Carey, please! 

Friday Night Lights - Oh my God, you guys.  Julie slept with her married TA who should have a) known better and b) really NOT.  At first glance she seems to be handling that bad idea ok but I sense a complete emotional breakdown coming.  Tami is trying to teach that red-headed Rally Ho why it is not cool to drink yourself unconscious and let boys do whatever the hell they want with you.  Essentially, Tami is trying to change Rally Ho's destiny from "prostitute" to "person with an ounce of sense."  It is an up-hill battle, let me tell you!  In her spare time, Tami gets Jess a job as the Lions' new equipment manager despite her husband's misgivings about having a girl in the locker room (about which I do not disagree with him). 

Coach, meanwhile, is working extra hard at his job of turning boys into men.  After the video of Rally Ho's drunken exploits at a party attended by several Lions whose faces clearly appear on said video, Coach lays down some rules.  It's jackets and ties on game days and regular community outreach as well as a lecture about standards of behavior and striving to be better than everyone else.  He even has to kick two particularly stupid boys of the team.  Unfortunately this all goes down the same week that Vince's father is paroled from prison and moves back in with his family, trying to act like the dad he never was.  Vince ain't having it and it's causing him to act out in some other ways as well.  That leads to a particularly powerful scene between Coach and Vince where Vince breaks down in anger about how his father failed to teach him how to be a man and Coach does exactly that with few words said with respect and love. 

Buddy has opened a Buddy's Bar & Grill which is in East Dillon and is the new headquarters for all the rallies and victory parties and general football pride that keeps Buddy's heart pumping.  But in the midst of that that joy over his involvement in the sport he loves, he finds out from Pam that Buddy Jr. is acting out and smoking pot and being a general discipline problem.  So he gets Pam to send the boy back home to Dillon to get some fatherly influences back in his life.  It might sound crazy but I think that's a good call - Buddy might be a bit of a dip shit, but he's capable of being a good man when it counts. 

And, if that's what you're in it for, you might like to know that the Lions won their second game of the season.  Sweet Pete on a platter I'm going to miss this show when it's gone. 

Hellcats - I sort of love this show but they are doing their level best to make me change my mind by forcing this Dan/Marti relationship that is interfering with the awesomeness of Dan.  It's not just because I love Savannah, though I do LOVE Savannah, it's mostly because I think Dan has always been a level-headed, stand-up guy who goes out of his way not to fuck with people's feelings and now all of a sudden he's making out with someone who isn't his girlfriend and implying that he's totally willing to dump his girlfriend if Marti wants to start something up but then going back to his girlfriend like nothing ever happened and acting weird around them both.  Dan was well on his way to being the Pacey Witter of 2010 but after last night, he seems more like Charlie Todd (I'm almost a little ashamed I was able to pull that character name out of my ass.  Almost) and I just won't stand for a transformation like that! 

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