October 20, 2010

High Fives, Stay-cations, Property Destruction And Josh Charles In A Tux

Don't you just love Tuesdays? 

It was Halloween on One Tree Hill last night and, as usual, the denizens of Tree Hill went all out.  There was a party at Tric (natch) that required costumes for everyone and the people who didn't hit up Tric made the trick-or-treat rounds so they had costumes too.  All those excuses for costumes made the ep a little light on plot but it was kind of fun to watch. 

Julian's mom popped in to annoy visit.  She offered to pay for the wedding but made it pretty clear to Brooke that she hates all of Brooke's ideas and plans and if she's footing the bill, they're going to do things her way.  Then she dressed up as Cruella DeVille and dressed her adult son up as a dalmatian.  That left Brooke to execute a sad "couples" costume alone - she had envisioned them going as A Clockwork Orange where he wore a big clock and she dressed like an orange.  It would not have made any sense at all even if it had happened but instead, she was just dressed as a really cute orange. 

Haley continued to work at the crisis hotline and talk to the depressed person with the cute accent.  She attended the party as herself circa senior year in high school, a.k.a a pregnant cheerleader.  At the party she spent most of the time being afraid of clowns and then heard Laura Izibor sing "Can't Be Love" and was all set to offer her a record deal or something and then Laura spoke to her in the same cute accent that the depressed girl has so now we know that depressed girl is a crazy-good singer and is very pretty. 

Nathan took Jamie and his hateful friend Chuck and some random little girl trick-or-treating.  The kids were dressed like Harry, Ron and Hermoine respectively from the Harry Potter books.  There was a scary house and Chuck got snatched but it was a prank.  No one cares.  After trick-or-treating they went home to be babysat by poor Junk who got no lines and just slept on the couch while the little monsters drew on his face.  Then Nathan headed to the party at Tric dressed as a Mad Men-type gent.  He looked so good. 

Also at the party, Mia dressed as an extremely boobalicious mermaid, Millie as Lady Gaga, and Mouth as The Situation, complete with plastic abs.  At some point Mouth and Chase get Nathan to high five Julian who is a truly hilarious moment that can not be accurately described here.  

Quinn and Clay don't attend the party and stay home and hand out candy instead.  Quinn is having a hard time moving on from the shooting.  She's having a lot of nightmares and is keeping a secret gun.  She dresses as Super Quinn which is her, with a cape on.  Clay dresses as a vampire.  That freaks Quinn out.  Clay finds the gun and convinces her to take a freelance photo assignment in another country as a way to deal with things.  

There was more story, but less fun on Life Unexpected.  After two really good episodes in a row, this one was a little blah.  Lux continued to flirt with Tiny Teacher and also be a raving bitch to him.  He continued to like her inappropriately and resist getting completely out of her life.  He forces tutoring on her while also sleeping with Paige in the loft where Lux is staying and where the walls are made of shower curtains.  Not only is that inappropriate, but it's also pretty gross and deeply awkward for them and the viewers.  He tells her that he HAS to keep tutoring her because that's the only way it's appropriate for them to be together and for him to lust after her.  Um...no!  He figures out that she has a learning disability then promptly dumps Paige and arranges for someone else to tutor Lux.  After last week when I was all relieved that someone finally squashed a student/teacher affair before it got out of control, and then this week it was once again un-squashed, I'm not falling for it again.  Well, also because I saw the previews for next week when the two are making out again.  Ugh.

In other news, Julia is Ryan's ex whom he slept with after finding out that Cate had sex with Baze.  The day before the wedding she told him she might be pregnant and then at the wedding she showed up to say she wasn't.  We all know she totally was and we've just got to wait for that to come back around either when she's going into labor or the kid has already been born.  It's a little funny to think of a family that consists of a man, a woman and their respective illegitimate bastards.  Aw! 

Oh yeah, and all of that comes out when Cate and Ryan are on their stay-cation at a new hotel where Baze just happens to be attending the company retreat in an attempt to hook up with Emma.  Emma brings a gay fake-boyfriend with her.  She says it's so that she doesn't feel like the pathetic single girl but really it's to try and make Jack jealous.  Instead it makes Baze jealous until he sees the fake boyfriend kiss another man.  The fake boyfriend, by the way, is played by the actor who once played Jack's closeted frat brother who totally wanted to get into Jack's pants on Dawson's Creek.  So he's pretty used to being a fake-straight gay guy around Kerr Smith is all I'm saying. 

Anyway, Baze accidentally tells Ryan about how Cate would have totally left Ryan at the alter if only Baze had had the balls to admit he loved her the night before the nuptials.  Then Baze and Emma make out.  Then Cate and Ryan have another fight and maybe breakup again.  Cate and Baze bond a little but that goes nowhere.  Cate and Lux bond a little.  Cate is sad. 

Next week all the adults on the show chaperon a school camping trip that leads to Lux and Tiny Teacher making out in a lake and getting caught by Tashia.  I hope it also includes Tashia getting some action of her one from Jones! 

In the spirit of saving the best for last, let's now turn our attention to The Good Wife.  Holy shit on a Triscuit, you guys, The Good Wife is so juicy! 

Someone has leaked the fact that Alicia deposed Childs so now Carey is in charge of the investigation into who it was and he's deposing Alicia while Will acts as her council.  Eli also wants to know who let that cat out of the bag and when he realizes it's bad for both Peter and Childs, he figures out that it was Justice Adler who wants to run against them both. 

Peter and Childs join forces to dig up dirty laundry on the crooked judge and then they get Diane to tell her not to run or her shit will be aired in public. 

Meanwhile, Alicia is defending a DJ in a civil suit where he's being sued for contributing to the death of some high rave-goers during a stampede.  That annoying blond country bumpkin lawyer from last season is her co-council as she's representing the security firm who is also being sued.  They lose the case but Alicia's client is ordered to pay $2 and Bumpkin's client is ordered to pay $2,999,998. 

There's some fancy-dress shindig that the partners are attending and when they end up with two extra seats at their table, they invite Alicia to bring Peter because it's somehow beneficial to them to have a disgraced politician in their midst.  Also because Will is bringing a date and Diane is pissed at him and trying to make things as awkward as possible for him and what better way than inviting the object of his affection and her husband to come sit next to him and his date? 

At the party, Judge Crooked announces that the bitchy lawyer from Childs's deposition is actually the person running against Childs and Peter.  That was an awesomely dropped bomb!  I almost didn't care about any of it because Josh Charles was wearing a tux and flirting with his date, Elizabeth Reaser.  His natural hotness is amplified exponentially when dressed in a tux and flirting.  I can't comprehend how Alicia didn't take one look at him and dive across the table to rip his clothes off and kiss him passionately. 

And finally, Kalinda continued her investigation of her new arch nemesis, Jason Street.  She busted all the windows in his rental car, poked through his papers, kissed his rear view mirror and was generally bad-ass.  Then the two had an encounter in a parking garage where they stood really close to each other and verbally sparred with each other while she fondled his junk. 

A.  Ma.  Zing!

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