October 27, 2010

The Great Good Wife

Are you watching The Good Wife?  Because you REALLY should be!  It is some of the most well-written, well-acted, well-paced drama that TV has to offer and while it's A-plot is always story-of-the-week, it's almost always really good and even when it isn't, the B- and C-plots (the serialized portion of the show) are OUTSTANDING! 

Last night in particular, the A-plot wove itself seamlessly into the fabric of the existing B- and C-plots when a massage therapist walked into the Lockhart, Gardner and Bond, asking for Alicia, with a fantastic story about how the high profile Democrat, who's about to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in women's rights, has sexually assaulted her.  All three partners are stirred up and both investigators are sent scrambling and it turns out that Carey is the one who referred her to Alicia because he knows this isn't the first time the scumbag has done it.  Will meets with Scumbag's lawyer who is an even larger and grosser scumbag than his client, the two get into a pretty hilarious fist fight, and Will comes back to the office ready to side with Diane on her stance that they not take on this particular client.

But wait!  Scumbag's lawyer tells Eli that Scumbag will endorse Peter's candidacy if Peter gets Alicia to walk away from the case.  Eli is as giddy as a school girl because Scumbag is seen as a damn saint to women everywhere (and black women in particular as the majority of his work is done in the third world countries of Africa) and that would easily negate the threat posed by Wendy Scott-Carr's candidacy, but Peter can see the strings attached to this from a mile away.  He declines the offer, much to Eli's heart's chagrin.  Unfortunately, Scumbag and his lawyer are dirtier than even Peter could have imagined, and they endorse him anyway so that if Alicia pursues it, her husband is linked to a sexual predator.  Peter is desperate for redemption so he still does nothing and lets his wife make her own decisions on this regardless of their effects on his political career.  Nice try, Peter, but I already love Will more than you and acting in a stand-up manner is not going to change my mind.  You know why?  Josh Charles is SO HOT in a tux and even hotter in a tux with the tie undone and the collar unbuttoned.  Oh also, Will is a better man than you. 

Anyway, Kalinda independently verifies what Carey told the LG&B folks about the previous victim and they are totally ready to take on this case until Diane gets a call from Mrs. Scumbag who clearly knows that the accusations against her husband are true but doesn't much care and thus begs Diane to ignore it.  Diane, being all awesome and shit, tells Mrs. Scumbag to suck it and then goes to sign the girl on as a client but the girl has gotten cold feet and left. 

A friend said she thought that made the entire episode much ado about nothing but I disagree.  My theory, based partially on the fact that Kelly Bishop was the (uncredited I believe) voice of Mrs. Scumbag and no way do you waste your time hiring her for 2 minutes of voice work if you don't plan on having her back, is that this Scumbag storyline will come back around and the towel they still have full of Scumbag's DNA will be the gun from the first act that goes off in the third. 

Oh, we also learned a bit more about how shady Blake (aka Jason Street) is when he ransacked the victim's apartment and stole cash from her.  It's unfortunate that his character is so despicable because Scott Porter has never been sexier. 

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