October 28, 2010

Alice Is A Prostitute?

Oh, Hellcats, you're so much fun to watch and so hard to take seriously.  Remember how the squad missed out on a free ride to nationals?  Well they're going to raise the $5,000 themselves with a date auction.  Alice's date includes a hotel room and sex, yet when she was describing it to the fellow Cheer Town residents not one of them said "they're paying for these dates, Alice.  Guaranteeing sex makes you a prostitute by definition."  Not even future lawyer Marti.  Oy! 

There was a lot of Dan/Savannah cuteness where he isn't a planner and she is and so is her (not remotely cute) ex-boyfriend who buys her in the auction.  Just when you think she might break up with the impossibly adorable Dan for the weird preacher's son, she doesn't and the world makes sense again. 

Marti and Louis are dating but it's the kind of dating where they sneak off to dark corners and bone but keep the whole thing very secret from everyone.  Louis doesn't see the big deal in people knowing but Marti is weird about that and she says it's to do with Alice but really it's because apparently they're going to come back to that AWFUL story they hinted at a few weeks ago where Marti has "feelings" for Dan.  If she comes between him and Savannah, heads will roll! 

Next week there will be some kind of party with an '80s theme which I'm all for but it's also when this Marti/Dan thing is going to come to a head so I'm skeptical.

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