September 9, 2010

It Could Probably Be Worse...

But it could be a lot better. Hellcats just doesn't get the job done the way Bring It On did and, frankly, it might not have been the greatest idea ever to remind us early in the episode that we could be watching our Bring It On DVDs instead of this show.

It's stuffed to the gills with one-note caricatures. The main character, Marti, is not likable (abs of steele on that girl though) and I just can not stop seeing that guy who plays Dan as the psycho, stalker rapist from One Tree Hill. The bright spots for me were Robbie Jones and Ashley Tinsdale. Robbie is a very natural, relaxed actor so you can't help but believe and love him in whatever he does. And Ashley's character is quite funny in her genuine over-optimism.

I'm giving this one until all my other shows premiere but if it doesn't improve in three weeks, the DVR will almost certainly be re-programed.

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