September 22, 2010

Fall TV - Tuesday: I'm way behind already

I haven't had a chance yet to watch either iteration of NCIS or Detroit 1-8-7.  I probably should have gotten more accomplished TV-wise last night but I spent too much time on the phone chatting.  I'm going to television-addict hell. 

The new season of Glee kicked off on a pretty great note last night.  The musical numbers were great, Sue was mean, Schue was annoying, Mike Chang took his shirt off and the newbies seem pretty interesting.  I'm sad that we got one quick line about Matt transferring and then moved on like no one will mis Dijon Tilton.  He deserved better.  But Mike Chang finally gets some long-overdue attention and Sue finally has a worthy adversary in Coach Beiste.  Plus, someone finally asked Schue to stop rapping! 

Sunshine came and went - having blown the clubbers away after being hazed by a jealous Rachel, Vocal Adrenaline's new coach convinced her to transfer. 

Now we know that our new addition to the glee club will have to be Sam (played by the brilliantly named Chord Overstreet), the talented, probably gay, new kid who was made QB by Beiste after she kicked Finn off the team for daring to help Artie try out.  Poor, stupid Finn. 

Next week: Brittany is Britney, and Britney is Madonna. 

One Tree Hill did its very best to make me cancel my season pass by making me think that Clay was going to die while Quinn lived.  Let me be clear, I love Nathan and Julian, and even Mouth, but this show is chick heavy as it is so if they kill off Clay, I'm out. 

I'm not going to talk about the plot because I'm still kind of angry that they tricked me into crying, but I will say that I loved Jamie giving Mia and Chase the brush-off and then hanging with Julian for the rest of the day.  Austin Nichols is so cute and he has terrific chemistry with Jackson Brundage. 

One final note - James Lafferty's broad shoulders are a gift from God.  Where are THOSE pictures, CW internet photo helper-monkeys?  

I rather enjoyed this episode of Life Unexpected and have very few over-critical complaints about it.  I mean, except for how much I don't really like the arc that involves Lux trying to date her teacher. 

I'm glad they've finally given Math some people skills and stopped making every second he's on screen a study in cringing.  I wish they'd had Cate take the 2am-6am show rather than the producing job on Ryan's show, but I suppose it'd be fairly tough to write scenes with Lux, Cate and Ryan together if the only hours the three of them are awake and home are 5pm-9pm. 

I'm TOTALLY digging Emma Caufield's return to my television screen.  Words can't express how much I loved her as Anya on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I already really like her as Baze's new hard-ass boss, Emma.  And it's kind of great that Baze has gone and gotten himself a "real" job.  It should be interesting to see him not be a total fuck up for a change.  We've seen hints all along that he is a perfectly smart guy, so I'm anxious to see him BE smart and succeed at something. 

Next week: golf, accidental sister screwing and Jones!  Yay! 

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