September 21, 2010

Fall TV - Monday: A Slow Start

Chuck started out this season almost as good as it ended last season.  Chuck and Morgan are back in Castle, the Buy More has been rebuilt as a full-blown CIA office, and Chuck's mom is a bad-ass.  Unfortunately, there was no Captain Awesome and Chuck is still going to lie about his job to Ellie.  There were a couple of cringey jokes and a couple of great pop culture references (my favorite was Chuck's interview at Vandalay Industries) and I am in love with General Beckman being the Buy More store manager.  I also love how much Casey missed Chuck. 

After a really questionable season, How I Met Your Mother seems to back to it's funny self once again.  I enjoyed last night's episode a lot.  Everyone was terrific, I didn't hate Ted and I actually am curious whose wedding that was.  We're off to a very good start this season. 

I had high hopes for Lone Star because the premise seemed really good and it got good reviews from the critics but I just couldn't get interested.  I accept the possibility that laying the groundwork for the series in the pilot could have just been tough to do much with but I suspect the problem will persist and this show just isn't for me.  I don't even think James Wolk is as dreamy as the Internet at large keeps insisting he is.  He's not ugly, don't get me wrong, but compared to nearly everyone else I see on TV each week, he's nothing special.  Though, if there's a casting agent out there who can see their way clear to cast James Wolk as Kyle Chandler's son in something soon, that'd be awesome. 

Hawaii Five-0 is a lot better than it probably has any right to be.  It's fun and actiony and full to the brim with people I rather enjoy looking at.  I didn't love the editing during the fight scene at the end but I really like Scott Caan as Dano and what Alex O'Laughlin lacks in acting chops, he more than makes up for in pretty.  And his bromantic chemistry with Caan is quite good.  I enjoyed this show a lot. 

I didn't watch House but I am starting to think that I might not care if I see it which means there's little reason to clog up my DVR with it.  I think I may be down to just three shows on Monday. 

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