August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday

Robert Redford is 74 today. Have any of you ever seen Barefoot In The Park? He was a very good looking man in his prime. And his prime lasted a good long while.

Christian Slater turns 41 today. Ah, I remember my youth when I thought he was the hottest thing since fire. I think nearly every woman in my age bracket has a favorite Christian Slater movie even still. Mine is Pump Up The Volume. What's yours?

Edward Norton is also 41 today. He's quite the looker too but I'll never love anything he does more than I love his turn as Worm in Rounders. I know it isn't exactly the best movie he's ever made, but I still love it.


Brenda B said...

Untamed Heart

Melissa said...

That is for sure the most often quoted of his movies in my life. My brother must bust out an "Oh my God, his hair! It just bothers me so much!" at least once a week. Ha!