July 14, 2010

I Give Up

There was a time I legitimately did not think Zac Efron was attractive. During those first several High School Musical years when his hair was in his face and appeared to take about 3 hours to get just-so? Kinda girly, totally not my taste.

But then he started to look more grown up and he spent more time with his hair off his face and maybe I didn't see him foisted on me quite so much as the HSM phenomenon cooled a bit. That's when I was like "ok, he's kinda cute."

Once I watched 17 Again, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed, I was pretty won over by his charisma and charm and I decided he was a little more than kinda cute.

Now, with the new 'do and the onslaught of Charlie St. Cloud promotional material, it has come to my attention that, despite my best efforts to not really care much about him one way or the other, it turns out I think he's a tiny slice of gorgeous and I plan to enjoy ogling him for many years to come.

And I'm not going to be ashamed about it either - he's nearly 23 years old and that's plenty old enough for me to appreciate him purely for his sexiness.

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