June 3, 2010

Too Much, Too Little, Too Funk-y

I enjoyed this week's Glee well enough but it wasn't perfect.

While I was thrilled to have Sue back and I found the sexual innuendo between her and Schue quite funny, it also made me a little sick to my stomach. Seeing that she put on pearls for her date did give me the best laugh of the episode though. More of Sue in her finery, please!

I liked seeing the club stand up for one of their own again, but it was a little sad to see Rachel egged and I'm way past done with Jessie so his continued inclusion in the show is not my favorite thing.

No one loves either Puck or Finn more than me (ok, someone might but still) and I liked "Loser" a lot but holy crap do I never want to see either one of them rap again. Ever. Can we PLEASE, for the love of little fishes, get a fucking moratorium on rapping for this show? Finn's jewelry was not my favorite thing either. Why did he have to wear those stupid chains and not Puck?

Glad to get a group number to close out the show and to see Sandy back, but we really could have stopped there and not brought Terri in to turn her cougar gaze on Finn's hot, young ass. I mean, not that I don't see where she's coming from but there is only so much creepy I can take on one show and this one was way over it's limit with Shue's use of the phrase "hump day" and Puck's disturbing reference to "fromunda cheese" complete with hand gesture.

And finally, if they had reduced their use of the word "funk" by half, it still would have been unforgivably over-used.

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