June 2, 2010

Dysfunctional Family Values

There are many, many things to like about Justified and if you'd have asked me before it started what the number one thing would be, I'd have said Timothy Olyphant in a hot second. But it turns out that the most terrific of all of the terrific things about Justified, is Walton Goggins.

Boyd Crowder has to be the most interesting character on all of TV and that's almost entirely due to Goggins. At first, I assumed that his sudden turn toward Jesus was a scam, just like Raylan clearly does. But now I believe it's genuine and he just shows his dedication to the Lord by blowing up shit he considers bad. The scene in the church had me well and truly agog at Goggins.

Last night was another great episode though when the usual viewer discretion advisory added "sexual situations" and "nudity" to the usual "violence" and "language" warnings, I had hoped to see some Olyphanny and was pretty disappointed when there was none. Maybe they're saving that for next week's season finale.

What I know for sure we'll be getting is more of Arlo double crossing Raylan and of Boyd blowing up Bo's meth ingredients and the fall-out that follows when fathers and sons go to war against each other. I hope that the sons come out on top in this battle because in both cases, the fathers are complete jackasses.

I really wished Eva had just blown Bo's cocky head off last night when she had the chance. I mean, I know it would have likely sent her to prison this time and the chances that Raylan would stop by for conjugal visits is slim but if ever there was a man who deserved it - other than her husband that is.

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