May 9, 2010

When A Terrible Plan Is The Best You Can Come Up With

The reason I haven't said anything about Supernatural yet is because I'm kind of out of things to say about how our boys are on a mission to kill all the horsemen and then use their rings to stop Michael and Lucifer from fighting to the death and taking the whole world down with them.

In this installment they're nearly felled by Pestilence until Castiel swoops in and cuts his finger off. Castiel is awesome. Unfortunately, Pestilence kind of tips his hand with regard to the croatoan-laced flue vaccine before he vacates.

Bobby has sold his soul to Crowley for the coordinates of Death and because Crowley is smarter than our boys and also really, really wants this thing stopped before his playground is wiped out, he is kind enough to throw in a little gift with purchase - Bobby can walk again. Now I kind of like Crowley.

Cas, Bobby and Sam go one way to blow the Croatoan Warehouse to smithereens while Dean and Crowley go to Chicago where Death is planning to unleash a storm that will create a chain reaction which will lead to the deaths of 3 million people.

Dean has a romantic dinner with Death where they discuss their mutual love of deep dish pizza and their burning hatred of Lucifer. Death has no patience for temper tantrums and spoiled brats so he'd really rather not have to work for The Devil anymore. That's why he gives Dean his ring and instructions on how to use them - on the condition that Dean help Sam surrender his ginormous body to Luci in the service of getting his Evilness back into the cage. I thought giving jewelry on the first date was a tiny bit forward but I appreciated the effort to move this story toward it's long-awaited conclusion.

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