May 17, 2010

Weekend In Reviews

The Book Thief - An incredibly beautiful book and engrossing story. Told from the unique perspective of death about the life of a young German girl during World War II, it's well worth the read. But be sure to keep the tissues handy because the last 100 or so pages will definitely make you cry.

Glee Live In Concert - So, so good! They've created a production that make it feel very much like you're seeing a Glee Club concert. From the Cheerios that came out into the audience before the show started to hand out complimentary Sue Sylvester Barf Bags, to the high school auditorium curtains, the risers on the stage and the performers coming into the audience a la their Sectionals performance.

They sounded great and sang live the vast majority of the time. The notable exceptions were the two Vocal Adrenalin numbers - but they're mostly there for their dancing - and the girls mashup number during which they were simply dancing too fast and crazy to manage to sing at the same time.

A couple of small technical difficulties which are to be expected for the first show of the tour and nothing that would ruin a number.

I very much enjoyed the video packages from Sue and Shue and the occasional Brittany moments.
After the show, Mike and I managed to see Corey Monteith, Mark Salling, Jenna Ushkowitz, Heather Morris, Kevin McHale and Amber Riley signing autographs outside of the theater. Our camera phone pictures aren't the best but Mike got a pretty good one of Corey and thanks to his mohawk, you can certainly tell which one is Mark but in that last one, Jenna is in the same pic with Mark and is the tiny girl in black with her hair up sandwiched between security people, and that's Heather Morris in the blue skirt and white top.

If you're a Gleek, I can't recommend the concert enough! Worth every penny!

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