May 5, 2010

Please stop rapping, Shue. Please!

I laughed my ass off at last night's Glee. It was the funniest episode in a while and I was particularly pleased to see them giving (my TV boyfriend) Puck more to do.

I loved Olivia Newton John, I loved Molly Shannon, I thought the "Total Eclipse Of My Heart" cover was great (though a deeply awesome song that needed no rehabilitation as the show was implying), Rachel's video was funny in the most awkward way and the "Physical" remake was total insanity.

Jesse wasn't wrong about Rachel's shit but I'm ready for him to be gone now because in a rousing game of MFK - provided the choices of Jesse, Finn and Puck? Jesse is K'd every time! Period!

There was one thing about the episode I couldn't get behind and that was Will's "Ice Ice Baby" incident which I will be making every effort to scrub from my mind forever! Stop having Shue rap. Just stop. He's a white guy that teaches Spanish and glee club at a suburban Ohio high school, show. When he raps, the whole world is uncomfortable.

In conclusion: Puck, mmmmmmm!

Oh, I almost forgot - Jay was ardently against watching this show on the grounds that it seemed "stupid" but when he came into the room to hear "I'll kick you square in the taco!" I think even he was won over a little. That's how this show will get you - by any means necessary.

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