May 11, 2010

Issues Where There Aren't Any

It seems that some Modern Family fans have taken to Facebook and created a group dedicated to "pressuring" the producers into airing a kiss between Cam and Mitchell. In response, the producers say that they've written a script for next season that addresses Mitchell's issues with public displays of affection.

I guess the protesters have a point that Cam and Mitchell have not kissed on the show but I've seen every episode and love the show and can say that until I read this story, I didn't even realize they hadn't ever kissed. That's because the show doesn't show all that much kissing to begin with. While every couple on the show and the larger family as a whole show great affection for one another, the show is not huge with the smoochies. That's not really the tone of the show in general.

Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy with a story that has Cam and Mitchell kissing. But I'm also perfectly happy for the writers to keep doing exactly what they've been doing because it's a consistently funny show with a lot of heart and respect for both its characters and audience.

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