May 4, 2010

From Sympathetic To Annoying In 42 Minutes

One Tree Hill took it one step too far again and next week they'll take it 27 more steps too far because they can not help themselves from jacking up a good thing. But while that might seem like a dis, when it comes to OTH, that sort of over-the-top crap is kind of what makes it so awesome.

Last week I was really feeling for Haley because she was having such a hard time dealing with her mom's death and she was making this valiant effort to act normal for her family and her friends but was a complete basket case when no one was looking. This week she's making no effort to act normally and is a complete zombie who barely looks at anyone, doesn't hear a word people (including her husband and her son) say to her, snaps at Jamie randomly, and is kind of crazy.

Actually, no kind of about it - bitch be nuts! She sets fire to her piano IN THE HOUSE and just sits there staring at it, close enough to singe her finally serviceable bangs. After Nathan puts out the fire and asks her what the hell happened she stares right through him and says, "I'm going to go call my mom." Who's DEAD!

I don't support this turn of events with Haley's character because I always like it better when Haley is among the only grown ups on the show. There are enough people acting the fool in Tree Hill, she does not need to join them. But on the other hand, it's OTH and if there isn't someone going stark-raving-mad, then there's a dog eating your heart. That's just the way they roll on this show. That's what makes it work. I didn't love hairy, crippled Nathan either and they fixed that up in a jiffy.

In other news, Miranda might finally be ready to marry Grubbs (yay!). TMZ thinks it was Brooke blowing Boy Alex at the opening. Boy Alex and Brooke both want Victoria to stop saying she isn't ashamed of the age difference and be public already. Dead Ringer is off her lithium, which explains some stuff. Skillz and Mouth make up. Alex finds out Creepy is gay and instead of outing him she lets Paul sell the sex tape to recoup the blackmail money so the movie doesn't go bankrupt before it's finished and then she decides that the only way she can save face is to be his beard because a sex tape with your boyfriend is not nearly as gross as a sex tape with a co-star that you hate.

Next week: Haley tries to drown herself...just like her husband did two years ago. Oooookay.

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