April 19, 2010

Things I Forgot To Talk About Last Week

I was in a terrible mood on Friday and so I just didn't bother posting here. I wouldn't have said anything worth reading anyway, trust me.

But I did have thoughts to share on Thursday television so I'm going to share them now, while they're not at all fresh in my mind.

Supernatural - The 100th episode was pretty good. There were some awesome parts and some not-so-awesome parts, but on the whole it was an improvement over the previous episode.

What I don't enjoy about this show ever, is a sullen and whiny Dean so I was pleased not at all by his annoying suicidal, "I don't trust you" bullshit with Sam for much of the episode. Who else remembers when Dean was all piss and vinegar, "rah rah us - demon hunters 'till the end!" going-down-fighting-bravado? That Dean was fun. This dean makes me want to slap his pretty face into the impending apocalypse myself!

Ahem, anyway, the only thing worse than sullen, whiny Dean is sullen, whiny Dean with a heaping helping of pouty, pissy Sam on the side. Fortunately, Sam spared me his issues this episode and was, instead, trying to metaphorically bitch slap his brother into man-ing up. Even more fortunate, Bobby and Castiel were super bitch-slappy their own selves. So Sam found Dean and Cas zapped him into Bobby's underground ├╝ber bunker for safe keeping because all three of them find his bullshit just as tiresome as I do. After Cas surreptitiously finds their long-dead illegitimate 1/2 brother being pulled form his grave by Zachariah's hench-angles, and zaps him back to Bobby's House of Detained Winchesters, our heroes discover that Zach has told little bro' that he's Michael's backup plan (which is plausible since Luci is currently sporting his own backup plan). That makes Dean extra anxious to sacrifice himself to save Li'l Bastard and so he uses that bloody symbol on the wall thing to fling Cas into angelic parts unknown and escape.

As it turns out though, he isn't any more the brains of this operation now than he has been in the past so while he's off chatting with especially loud street preachers to try and locate himself an angel so he can give his body to Michael, Cas hears Loud Preacher Man and pops into Dean's location for a confab. Or, you know, a massive beat down. Yeah, he pummels the shit out of Dean which was awesome on two levels - one: because it's good to see Cas get to kick some ass now and again; two: because Dean has needed a beating accompanied by a dose of the cold, hard truth about his growing insufferability for a loooooong time.

Eventually Li'l Bastard finds himself in the Fancy Angel Room of Beer and Cheeseburgers and in the service of rescuing him, Sam decides that in order to win Dean's trust back, he needs to trust him first. Or something. So Cas and the boys head to an abandoned muffler shop in Van Nuys, CA where the FAROBAC is located and guarded by 5 hench-angels. The plan is for Cas to take out the hench-angels so the boys can get into the room and deal with Zachariah.

Since Cas is tiny, the Boys are worried that Cas won't be able to take on all 5 hench-angels and he admits that he'll likely die but he's ok with that because he doesn't want to live to see Dean fail anyway. Cas was all about the tough love in this episode. Anyway, Cas is a genius so after he kills the first hench angel he uses that bloody symbol thingy that he's handily carved into his own chest with a box cutter to send himself and the four remaining hench-angels to parts parts unknown so that the Winchesters can get into FAROBAC.

Once inside, we got a bunch of snarkifying with Zachariah which was fun because Kurt Fuller clearly relishes his job so much and it's a joy to watch him tear into Zach's dialogue with such fervor. Then he whips up some of his mind torturing for Sammy and Li'l Bastard to get Dean to acquiesce to Michael, which he does, but then breaks the news that he has a couple of caveats - one of them being that if Michael wants him, he'll have to kill Zach. Zach is incensed and befuddled and then Dean throws a wink at Sam before he sticks Zachariah through the neck with one of those special angel-killing dagger jobbies.

Alls well that ends well? Kind of. Dean and Sam get out of the room before it's smited but Li'l Bastard is slow and kind of stupid so he gets trapped in there and most probably smote right along with the it. In the end Dean sort of apologizes to Sam for not trusting him and generally being a pain in the ass and then they decided to...fight the apocalypse to the death. Or something.
Next week: My old pal the Trickster!

The Vampire Diaries - I'll spare the in-depth stuff because all-in-all while this episode was good, it wasn't great and also, a lot of the stuff that happened isn't all that deeply important in the short term (though it probably will be in the long term but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it).

Another Founders' Day festivity. The founders of that town get more play than Tiger Woods!

Stefan is all strung out on human blood and finding it increasingly difficult to control his need for it. He's using smoochy-time with Elena, (shirtless) exercise, and scotch to distract himself but he's having little luck with it and Damon ain't helping matters by leaving the good stuff lying around all the time to tempt him.

Caroline is off visiting her dad and Matt's having a bit of a time handling Vicki's death which he's dealing with by drinking and also flirting way too much with Elena. That makes me sad. You know who else is drinking too much? Kelly and Tyler. Which leads to the two of them making out and Elena and Matt catching them. Which in turn leads to a fist fight between Ty and Matt wherein Matt rightly attempts to beat the crap out of his mother-kissing friend, but Ty's crazy, werewolfian violence creeps in and causes Ty to turn the tables on Matt and do an awful number on my adorable Matt's face right before he nearly strangles him to death. Oh, and also Kelly gets a little knocked around in the shuffle and then Matt packs her bags and asks her to get herself lost because his life sucks less when she isn't around. Sniff!

Alaric tips Elena to Jeremy's vampire report so she tries to casually take his temperature on vamp-related knowledge but he fakes total ignorance so she thinks he's oblivious. Meanwhile he takes notice that she seems to know something so he sneaks a peek at her diary and finds out she knows some shit specific to Vicki and him and vampires. Who knows where this will lead, Jeremy is a total wild card and I love it.

And Uncle Jon(athan) "Sark" Gilbert shows up to irritate everyone. Seriously, I love me some David Anders but this character is such a miserable shit that I can't wait for him to go the way of...well, every other guest star, and be gone already.

Turns out Jon knows, like, everything about vamps and the tomb and the Salvatore brothers and whatnot. He drops some knowledge about blood-bank robberies and such on the Council and makes a general nuisance of himself until Damon can no longer take it and snaps his irritating little neck, but a short time later Jon's up and around again, good as new. That's when Damon spots the ring Jon's wearing and points out to Ric that he and Jon apparently shop at the same jewelry store.

I celebrate the awesomeness of Damon and Ric teaming up again while the two attempt to menace Jon with questions about where he got that ring. That's when Jon tells them that it belonged to his brother and he got it after bro died...because he gave his ring just like it to Isabel. Oh, and when Isabel was itching to be vamped? Jon sent her to Damon. Dun dun DUN!!! If Jon is Elena's bio-dad...I just don't even know!

And last but not least, Bonnie remains completely MIA.

Next week: Flash backs to the bad hair years.

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