April 9, 2010

Killing The Whore...And Other Fun Games

We're ever-so-close to the culmination of Supernatural's two season-long trek toward the ultimate, apocalyptic showdown between good and evil and in these final days (weeks for us viewers), the Winchester boys are apparently out driving around just waiting for the shit to start reining down on them.

Which is how they stumble upon Blue Earth, Minnesota where the daughter of a preacher has been getting visions from angels and thus gathering up the townsfolk into a demon fighting army. After marveling at what a useful bunch they all are, and fighting with them, a demon slits the throat of one of the demon-fighting townies and his mother blames Dean and Sam. Sam calls Castiel for a little backup and when our newly pickled favorite angel arrives, he sets the record straight.

For Cas knows the names of every prophet there is and this Minnesota chippy ain't one of them. Rather, it seems, she's the Whore of Babylon. Like, the actual Whore of Babylon. Which is kind of cool. The real Chippy is dead and has been replaced by Whore Chippy and she's come a callin' to try and condemn as many souls to hell as she can before all the souls are gone so she's started convincing her little Minnesota Minions to kill their neighbors that she deems un-righteous. Damn shame that the cute bartender is the first to go.

Cas notes that she can only be killed by a true servant of the Lord and he notes that he's on the wrong side of the Big Man right now as he's been cursing His name since he found out that God doesn't want to be bothered with this Apocalypse non-sense. And Cas is dubious as to Dean's worthiness as well on account of how Dean is, himself a bit of a whoring, cursing, sinning lush who won't let Michael take a ride in his body. Sam is out of the running, of course, because he's, you know, an abomination. Hee! That just leaves Chippy's dad.

When the time comes, Daddy hesitates because he's had about a minute to get his head around his daughter being Whore Chippy and he's not to that place where he can just kill her and be done with it. It's all very understandable. So then Cas and Sam and Dean and Daddy get their asses handed to them by Whore Chippy's Minnesota Minions until Dean happens to have an opportunity so he takes it and sure enough, when he stabs Whore Chippy with the Cypress Stake of Babylon, she dies.

That leads Sam and Cas and Me and everyone else to think that Dean has surreptitiously acquiesced to Michael's request for a ride in Dean's skin which Sam finds very unsettling. But he's even more unsettled - and pissed - when Dean takes off in the night to visit that bendy yoga instructor from early in the third season. The one with the kid that Dean thought he might have fathered? Yeah, her. So he shows up on her doorstep and randomly tells her that he loves her and that if he were ever to have a normal life, he'd want it to be with her. Then he tells her how, he's going to do something stupid but he's going to put some strings on the deal that will ensure the safety of her and the kid. Then he gets in his car and drives away.

The end.

It was a decent episode with some interesting moments that furthered the larger plot of the season, but I remain frustrated by the lack of sharing between Sam and Dean when keeping secrets from each other clearly does not work out well for them EVER.

But Misha Collins in particular was really fantastic as a drunken and disillusioned Cas. "You breed with the mouth of a goat. Heh." He never goes big with his comedy and it's incredibly satisfying.

Next week, the 100th episode and Dean finding out the down side(s) of letting Michael take possession of his meat suit.

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Kelly said...

My favorite line from Misha (Cas)..." I found a liquor store, and I drank it"