April 28, 2010

If Wishing Made It So

ABC introduces new mid-season offering Happy Town tonight. It's created by the guys who brought you October Road and it stars about a million people including Amy Acker and Geoff Stults.
The reviews are terrible. Truly abysmal. Critics pretty much agree that this is the worst mid-season show out there. I'm going to watch anyway because I want it to be good. Amy Acker and Geoff Stults! I love them both so much and I want them to succeed.

But I also have no trouble believing the critics because much as I enjoyed parts of October Road when it was on (those parts were mostly the actors - Bryan "JAKE!" Greenberg, Brad William Henke, Tom Berenger, Evan Jones, Rebecca Field, Jay Paulson [also in Happy Town] and, of course, Geoff Stults), the writing was a bit stilted and lazy.

Still, Amy Acker, Geoff Stults, Sam Neill, Steven Webber, Jay Paulson, Francis Conroy, and many others - that's a cast you want to root for right?

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