April 5, 2010


Things I don't understand about the Glee cover of "Rolling Stone":

1) The facial expressions. They're all a bit odd but Lea Michelle and Corey Monteith look particularly...ridiculous. Corey looks like he has bells palsy or something.

2) Tushies. I guess it was unavoidable to see that tiny bit of Dianna Agron's behind, what with her sitting in such a dangerously short skirt (by the way, I'd term that a "gonorrhea skirt" since it's practically a public health hazard to sit on any surface in a skirt that short), but did we really have to blow the whole rear of Lea's skirt up and flash her panties at the world?

3) What's up with the dog?

Anyway, 8 days until Glee's back!

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