April 14, 2010


It may have been the intense anticipation that made last night's Glee such a let-down for me, but I thought that the story was weak and the songs weren't among their best.

I've had issues before with the way this show plays out entire story arcs in a single episode and now I can add entire story arcs playing out off-screen between episodes to my list of things this show doesn't get quite right.

At the end of "Sectionals" Finn and Quinn had called it quits and Sue was suspended. When we come back Sue's been reinstated, Quinn and Puck are a couple and Finn and Rachel are dating. Of those three developments, we only find out how Sue got her job back, but not when the couples...coupled. And not only do we not know how they coupled, but we pick up Fin n and Rachel's relationship when Finn is already ready to end it.

Suddenly Santana and Britney are actually trying to break up New Directions despite the fact that Santana admitted at sectionals that being in glee club is the best part of her day. Sue wants to destroy the club, and Santana and Brit need Sue to believe they're her minions in order to stay on the Cheerios. I get it. But in the front 13, they were more subtle with their help and less...helpful, which made sense because they really do like being in glee club. Now they're more miniony for no reason other than increased screen time for both them and Sue.

It frustrates me that Ryan Murphy writes what he thinks is funny for the show whether or not it fits with the characterizations, previous plots or any other fucking thing. Either this show is a series of one-off song and dance fests or it's a serial program with broader themes and plots. He can't have it both ways and every time he tries to it just pisses me off.

And as much as I loved the Vogue video (which prominently featured former SYTYCDancer Nathan, btw!), I'm not sure it was entirely necessary for them to play it this week instead of debuting it next week in the episode as it was intended. There is a bit of brand dilution and the chance that it will seem less awesome when we see it next week in context now that we've all already enjoyed it several times on TV and the Internet.

My love for the show hasn't diminished but this was just one of those weeks where I was sadly reminded that the show is not perfect.

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