March 16, 2010

The world makes no sense to me.

Last night's Chuck was really good. One of the best eps of the entire series. And it comes in a season when the show is consistently firing on all cylinders. The show has always been good but this season is exceptional.

Chuck got one step closer to becoming the "perfect spy" he's decided he wants to be, when he initiated an unsanctioned mission to rescue Casey after The Ring threatened to kill Casey's former fiance if he didn't commit treason. Chuck and Sarah saved the day, Casey let them (which is pretty huge!), we found out that Casey has a daughter (holy shit!), Morgan and Awesome discovered that they both know the secret, Morgan got his first mission, The Awesomes are staying in LA and Casey got FIRED!

Utter brilliance! But you know what sucks? It got the lowest ratings in the show's history! Why aren't more people watching this show? WATCH THIS SHOW!

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