March 23, 2010

The William Shatner of physics and a skank walk into a bar wearing size a million pants...

I enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother quite a bit, but the longer it goes on and I do not meet the mother, the more I don't understand how Ted ever tricked anyone into marrying him because he's pretty freaking irritating.

Last night was another in the long line of times he showed up to an intimate function with his closest friends with a date he had not advised them he was bringing. This time the function was a special birthday dinner for Lilly as planned by Marshal at their apartment so it was a triple whammy of rude and deplorable. Oh, also, the stupid girl could not remember which one was Lilly, what her name was or her age as demonstrated when she brought out the "Happy 42nd Birthday Laura" cake shortly after addressing Robin as the birthday girl. Anyway, as is becoming more and more common, I enjoyed everyone in the episode except Ted who had the gall to be pissed that his friends didn't appreciate the uninvited guest.

I'm not sure I support Lilly's blanket labeling of Ted's past kamikaze dates as "skanks" when it's Ted that's exhibiting the skanky behavior, but I'm letting it slide on account of I do understand that she was driven to meanness by her friend being a thoughtless schmuck.

And in other entertaining news, Sheldon received an award on The Big Bang Theory and had to give a speech which caused all kinds of problems because Sheldon has a fear of public speaking. That was a bit contrived since I recall seeing him speak to a room full of people that time he and Leonard won an award together for some paper they wrote, but I am not going to be sticky about the lack of continuity because I found the end bit, where a drunken Sheldon does uber-nerd stand-up, really funny.

"Thanks, shorty, I'll take it from here. Alright, you people ready to have some fun? Do you have a basic understanding of differential calculus and at least one year of algebraic topology? Well then here come the jokes."

"Hello! I know you're out there, I can hear you metabolizing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide."

"I see we have some academic dignitaries in the audience. Uh, Dr. Brandle from the geology department. The only man who's happy when they take his work for granite. Ba-da-shuh! I kid the geologists of course, but it's only because I have no respect for the field."

I [HEART] Jim Parsons!

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