March 22, 2010

Weekend In Reviews

Did You Hear About The Morgans? - Did you hear how completely boring this movie is? Oy! Look, I like some pretty bad romantic comedies. A romcom does not have to be well written or well acted or even all that funny for me to develop a soft spot for it. But this movie was terrible. It wasn't funny - not a single laugh to be had! - there was no chemistry between Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, the story was flimsy, the whole thing was worse than bad.

I would not recommend this movie, even for the most rabid Hugh Grant fan, and I wouldn't watch this again in a million years. If this movie is on TBS someday soon and I am sick and bed ridden and my choice is to watch this or C-Span, I'm watching C-Span.

Love Happens - I thought this was supposed to be a romantic comedy about a divorcee and a widower finding love together. There wasn't any comedy though, and that's not necessarily a dig at the film because I'm not entirely sure there was much comedy intended. Maybe this was more like a romantic dramedy.

Anyway, Aarron Eckhart is a widower who has used his training as a psychologist to write a self help book for grieving people. He pretends to be the well-adjusted product of his own advice but instead he's a big faker who, in reality, has not dealt in any way with his wife's death and is a serious mess. Jennifer Aniston is not a divorcee but rather a woman who has dated and been cheated on by a long string of musicians.

The two meet, become friends, and fall in love. It's a pretty ok movie that I would recommend so long as you know going in that you're much more likely to cry than you are to laugh.

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