March 19, 2010

Things I'm Really Anxious For:

New episodes of One Tree Hill, returning April 26th.
New episodes of The Vampire Diaries, returning NEXT WEEK! I rewatched the last new ep last night and I'm ridiculously excited to rejoin the Caroline and Matt relationship. Also, Melinda Clark (The O.C.'s Julie Cooper / CSI's Lady Heather) will join the show as Matt's mom and David Anders (Alias's Sark) will soon show up as Elena and Jeremy's uncle.

Supernatural's return next week, and their impending final showdown between angels and Luci, good and evil, Dean and Sam.

Fringe - I'm still two episodes behind on this one but I'm catching up this weekend. But as happy as I am that it's returning with new stuff, I'm mostly psyched to hear there is a musical episode on the horizon. Ever since Buffy's "Once More With Feeling" (still one of the best episodes of any show, ever), I just love when someone mixes it up with a musical.

The return of Glee!!!

Seeing Conan O'Brien live on April 30th.

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