March 17, 2010

The So Good Wife

Another fantastic episode of The Good Wife last night as Will and his Jr. Associates fought with the awesome Martha Plimpton and her health insurance company some more. They're still embroiled in the class action suit but this time they're specifically fighting for a patient's right to have an emergency surgery that the insurance company doesn't want to cover.

Plympton's Patricia Nyholm is a ruthlessly awesome foe for the folks at Stern, Lockhart and Gardner and I particularly love when she locks horns with Will. Is there anyone on this show that Josh Charles doesn't have amazing chemistry with?

Anyway, the case of the week is so not what's important here, what is important is what happens between the characters. So Will gets a little cocky with his lawyering and ends up losing which leaves the parents of the very sick fetus devastated. Will is very upset that he let the case get away from him and Alicia tries to comfort him, and that's when Will makes his move on Alicia. I was expecting Alicia to pull away or try to resist in some way but to my surprise and delight she went with it. They kissed and just when he was about to apologize for kissing her, she went in for another. Way to go Alicia!

But then she flips a little because of...well I guess because she's still considering trying to make her marriage to her lying, philandering husband work. Anyway, she quickly gathers her things and leaves while Will profusely apologizes for the whole thing and implores her to talk to him about it. By the time she gets to her car, she's realized that while she might possibly want to maybe stay married to Peter, she very definitely wants to have sex with Will (AMEN, Alicia!) so she heads back upstairs all the while telling herself it's a bad idea but going just the same. Unfortunately when she gets to Will's office, Will isn't there. His assistant is though so Alicia tells her she forgot her laptop and makes another exit, this time equal parts relieved and disappointed. Turns out Will was trying to find her in her office though, so that was a disappointing miss.

Anyway, Alicia is left with a monster case of blue balls when she gets home which I'm sad to report leads her to jumping Peter's bones that night. He clearly thinks this is the signal that he's back in the old husband role because he doesn't realize she was thinking about Will the entire time. Meanwhile, back at the office, Will gets a call about some shit going down with the clients and he feels a renewed sense of desperation to help them. So the next morning he shows up at the Floreks' door. Alicia is aghast but Will says he's not here to talk about...that. This is business. Then he asks to speak with Peter. Alicia is against that but Peter comes to the door then and there is this weird cordiality between the two men that I found kind of awesome. So Will asks Peter to use his friendship and influence with the state insurance commissioner to help out with the client situation and Peter agrees. Then when Will leaves, he totally gushes to Alicia about how great Will is which, again, was weird and awesome.

Later, after Kalinda's innate bad-assness finds the thing that wins them the case, Will's assistant pops in to ask Will if Alicia got her computer ok the night before. Kalinda picks up all the signs and I can not WAIT to see what she does with them. Anyway, Will realizes that means that Alicia came back and he goes to talk to her. Alicia says she doesn't want to fuck this up because she likes her job and she needs her job and he is her boss so this just has to go away. He says that they should definitely not talk about it right now, they should forget about it and then in a week, have dinner and discuss. At some point during the convo, Alicia implies that something happened between them in school but she literally says "whatever happened between us at Georgetown" so what that something is exactly, is still a mystery. Anyway, they agree that they've just always had bad timing and I remain intrigued, interested, and more than a little disappointed that no one is having sex with Will when clearly they should be!

Oh, and also, just as Peter thinks that their romp in the sheets is his foot in the door of the master bedroom, Alicia shuts it in his face without so much as an acknowledgement that they slept together. That was pretty fantastic since I am very strongly not in the camp of wanting the two of them to remain married.

One last thing I forgot to mention in my last TGW post, I am LOVING the addition of Alan Cumming to Peter's team. He's absolutely perfect as Eli Gold and I hope he sticks around for a long while.

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