March 16, 2010

Mommy Issues and Daddy Issues and Boring Shit, Oh My!

Last night I decided I'm angry that my beloved One Tree Hill (soapiest hour of awesomeness on TV) is on the bubble while it's equally ratings-challenged friend Gossip Girl has already been given another season despite the fact that OTH has been pretty damn good this season while Gossip Girl is so damn boring.

What happened last night? Chuck pouted about his mom, then paid her to leave, then listened to her sad story, then stopped pouting, had sex with Blair and made up with his mom.

Jenny acted like an asshole, purposely got herself busted with Skeevy's drugs, ran away when faced with moving back to Brooklyn and stole oxycontin from Lily.

Skeevy told Rufus, Lily and Jenny that his dad is an addict, Rufus didn't care, flushed his drugs and told Jenny she couldn't see him any more. All Jenny got out of the story was...nothing. I hate her.

Dan dated a girl named Melissa (because "Melissa is a nice name" - thanks, Dan) that he met in the hall. Vanessa dated a gay guy named Paul that she broke up with a month ago. Melissa and Paul dumped Dan and Vanessa. Dan and Vanessa made out and then had sex.

Dan and Serena proved once again that they have no concept of appropriate nookie locales and also that they are really only suited to standing around and looking pretty.

There, you're all caught up.

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