March 26, 2010

Mmmm, Pie!

It seems like a really, really long time since we'd seen a new episode of Supernatural and this one was a pretty good way to come back.

All the people who've ever died in Bobby's South Dakota town have unexpectedly come back from the dead as zombies. But at first, they aren't the brain-eating, mindless, scary, killer kind of zombies. They're just, like, really cold, blue versions of the people they were when they died. Their families aren't scared of them - apparently just knowing Bobby makes you impervious to stupid things like fear or a sense of self-preservation in the face of monsters and zombies - and instead they just welcome them home.

The boys try unsuccessfully to get a hold of Bobby for some info and then hit town on their own to try and figure out what's going on. The local sheriff doesn't buy their FBI story (apparently she wasn't born yesterday like the rest of the people they meet) so they use that old ruse where they give her the business card of their boss, she calls a number and Bobby answers pretending to be Agent so-and-so. I've always found this to be one of their most inspired gambits but it doesn't work at all when you do it in the small town Bobby's lived in since he was a wee lad because the Sheriff recognizes his voice and the jig is so very up for all three of our stupid heroes.

Turns out the reason Bobby wouldn't answer his phone for the Winchesters is that, among the newly reanimated is Bobby's late wife who dotes on him and is sweet and lovely. She doesn't need sleep so she pretty much just hangs around the house baking pies. Dozens and dozens of pies. Anyway, Bobby didn't really want to admit that he was schmooping around and eating pie with his long-dead wife so he chose to avoid Sam and Dean altogether instead. Once that plan has gone to shit, he tells them that he's already figured out what it is that's going on there - our friendly neighborhood Horseman, Death, has popped in to remind everyone how they boys totally didn't stop him months ago and continue doing his bit for coming Apocalypse.

Much as the boys seem to genuinely like Mrs. Singer, they are not in favor of letting the dead, just go on wandering the streets of town like it's no big deal and they implore Bobby to help put an end to this unholiness. Bobby ain't havin' it so he invites the brothers to scram (and by invites I mean he pulls a gun on them and orders them to get the hell out of his house).

Meanwhile, Sam discovers that the longer the dead are...undead, the more they start acting like the zombies we all know and are creeped out by. That is to say, they start looking all rotted, eating their loved ones, being aggressive, moaning, and secreting some truly disgusting shit from their orifices. Fortunately, Sammy discovers that a well-placed bullet to the head with kill them and so soon enough it is on.

Mrs. S knows what is about to happen to her and requests that Bobby once again kill her - that's when I started getting really sad because, Holy water and whiskey man, how many times does he have to kill his poor wife in his lifetime? Anyway, before he blows her zombified brains all over his sofa, she tells him that when Death brought her back, he gave her a message for Bobby. Before we can find out what that message is, there are a bunch of dead people to kill.

(Ever notice how sometimes, when I write about these types of shows, I say the most ridiculous-sounding things, but in context, they make total sense? Dead people to kill? Yeah.)

So after Sam saves the sheriff (but unfortunately not her husband) from her own zombie child, the two round up some living towns folk and head to the station to pass out guns. But while they expect that once everyone is gathered in one place, the zombies will head there for dinner, they remain unbesieged. The same can not be said for Dean and Bobby at the junk yard. They're over-run with the walking dead. (And because Dean is so clearly not the brains of the operation, he totally wanders off and leaves the guy in the wheel chair sitting there alone...idiot!) The zombies get our heroes cornered in a closet and then just when they've gotten into the closet and are about to make a meal of them, Sam and Sheriff show up and start splattering brains to and fro.

Oh, here's where I'm going to interject to say that at one point, in the junk yard, I paused the show to discuss something with Kelly and I happened to capture the action mid-splatter. I had the most spectacular still shot of a zombie with half of his head blown off and brains and blood fanning out awesomely. It was a site to behold. And also a testament to how this show manages to do their effects up right on a shoestring budget a lot of the time.

So, lives saved, Dean and Sheriff gather up all the re-corpsed corpses while Sam tosses them on a bonfire. Well, all except Mrs. S because Bobby has a sad, private barbecue for her. Sniff! Then Dean and Sam meet up to confab with Bobby and he lets them know that the message Mrs. S delivered was this - Death unleashed this awfulness on Bobby specifically as a punishment for his involvement with the Brothers Grim and for Sam's continued refusal to hand over his enormous, gorgeous body to Luci. It seems that Death was looking to either have Bobby killed or at the very least, break his spirit.

Death and Luci are sadistic bastards.

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