March 15, 2010

Josh Charles, Will You Marry Me?

That's right people, I've decided to take a new celebrity husband. I've been waiting for Josh Jackson for over a decade now and clearly he's in no rush to tie the knot so he's going to have to be my future second husband because in the meantime, I'm lookin' to get hitched to Josh Charles.

Holy crap are things getting good on The Good Wife and chief among them, Josh's Will. I caught up on the 4 banked episodes I had of this show over the weekend and in addition to really enjoying the episodes as a whole I was more than a little annoyed with myself for not watching them in real-time.

I seriously hope that the firm doesn't end up splitting because I think that Josh Charles and Christine Baransky have some of the best co-worker chemistry I've seen on TV in a very long time. Maybe since my beloved Sports Night. And as always I deeply love Archie Penjabi's Kalinda. Man does that woman kick ass 6 ways to Sunday. The highlight episodes for me were "Hi" and "Fleas" which were both terrifically written and both total standouts for Josh.

Oh, and speaking of Josh you'll all be happy to know his hair seems to have improved a zillion percent and is, in fact, back to being completely hot.

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