March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday

Terrence Howard and his beautiful eyes are 41 today.

Elias Koteas, professional creep (or rather professional portray-er of creeps), turns 49.

Anton Yelchin, dream husband of my 15-year-old cousin and the most adorable part of the latest Star Trek movie, is a whopping 21.

Lindsey McKeon turns 28. For a girl who has played both a grim reaper (Supernatural) and the sluttiest James sister (One Tree Hill), I still find her quite likable and cute.

Thora Birch is also 28 today. Pardon the picture but I had to post one from my favorite Birch movie - Ghost World.

Alex Kingston, a.k.a ER's Dr. Elizabeth Corday, is 49.

And Peter Berg, who I would totally love even if he weren't the creator, producer and some-time director of my beloved Friday Night Lights, celebrates 46 years of awesomeness.

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