March 10, 2010

Getting Caught Up On The Awesome

I managed to get three episodes behind on Chuck and finally caught up last night. I'd heard all about the dust-up over the romantic developments for Chuck and Sarah in the pre-Olympic-hiatus episode ("Chuck vs. The Mask") but felt pretty sure I would not share in the vitriol over Chuck hooking up with Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) and Sarah with Shaw (Brandon Routh). Because for one thing, I really like both the Hannah character and the Shaw character. For another, Chuck and Sarah have each had romantic entanglements that presented stumbling blocks to their own love several times and that's sort of how you play it on TV - you keep the sexual chemistry alive by keeping them apart as long as possible. Moonlighting anyone?
Anyway, I was right. Hannah and Chuck are kaput and it looks like we've seen the last of Hannah. Shaw and Sarah weren't really together anyway, but they don't appear to be heading for any sort of near-term happiness either. As an added bonus though, their attempted hook-up brought me a scene with Brandon Routh fresh out of the shower, wearing a towel and for that alone, a Sarah/Shaw pairing has my full support!

As long as I live, I shall never forget the image of him peaking out of the bathroom whilst zipping his fly. Sigh...

(Thank you and you for the pics!)

Ahem, pardon my digression. Other developments over these past episodes include: finding out that Casey may have an alias everyone is unaware of that happens to be a dangerous sniper-y assassin. Sarah's real name is Sam. The Ring lures Shaw, Sarah and Casey away from Castle with a fake attempt on Awesome's life (or maybe it was to try and turn him because they still think he's a spy...I was paying attention but at this moment I can't remember the particulars) and then infiltrates Castle leaving Chuck...and Morgan to protect Castle and all of the intelligence therein. That's when Chuck has to tell Morgan the whole truth and Morgan falls in bro-love with Chuck all over again. The tiny bearded one also totally saves the day and the entire thing is a million kinds of genius and awesome.

Oh, speaking of awesome - my favorite line of this batch of episodes comes when our spies are discussing whether or not to ship Morgan off to witness protection now that he knows Chuck's secret. Chuck argues that "Awesome knows and you didn't make him disappear" and Casey notes that it's because "Awesome is awesome" while Morgan is an idiot. Love.

One last thing, Awesome is having a bit of a breakdown over keeping the secret and also because his knowing is kind of putting he and Ellie in danger (them being used as bait and almost fake-assassinated and all) so he proposes that the two of them join Doctors Without Boarders and leave the continent forever. If the Captain and his missus leave, I will cry real tears and totally protest. I don't give a rip who Chuck or Sarah sleep with, as long as the Awesomes remain on the show!

Captain Awesome forever!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to start catching up on my four episode backlog of The Good Wife. I understand Josh Charles killed it last night.

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