March 30, 2010

Chuck vs. The Well-Meaning Numb Skulls

Chuck picked itself up and dusted itself off after a stumble last week. Now that Chuck has been made an official spy, he meets with General Beckman face to face and is told he has one week to take a vacation and chill or whatever before he's got to be off to Rome to live in a ginormous villa, drive fancy cars, wear nice clothes and generally pretend to be an independently wealthy man while he manages a whole team in spy work.

With his last week of "normalcy" he's chosen to go back to Burbank and convince Sarah to be on his team and be his girlfriend - basically be a sweet little spy couple. But Sarah is with Shaw and she's all pissed that Chuck killed someone. He tries to tell her that he didn't kill anyone but she doesn't believe him and just keeps saying that he's a killer and therefore not the man she first met. I can't really figure out why she doesn't mind being with Shaw despite the fact that he's killed scores of people but can't bring herself to be with Chuck, who she's been in love with for the better part of 3 years, because he might have shot one person. Oh, and let's not forget, she has killed many, many people herself, including the woman she shot as her final spy test which will be very important later in the episode.

Anyway, it doesn't go well for Chuck at first so Morgan, Casey and Awesome enlist themselves to help him get Sarah back because Morgan and Casey want Chuck to hire them as civilian members of his Rome spy team, and Awesome wants Chuck to leave town (but in a nice way) so that he and Ellie can go to Africa for Doctors Without Borders and get far away from all this spy business. If (God forbid) Chuck gets cancelled, is there any chance at all that we could get a Morgan, Casey, Awesome spin-off? Because holy SHIT, would that rock my world!

Anyway, the boys try hard to break Sarah and Shaw up but mostly they just end up thrown in jail for their troubles. And meanwhile, The Ring wants Shaw to come have a face to face confab with their big man. He signs himself up for that with the plan of swallowing a tracker and then having General B bomb his location into the stone ages thereby taking The Ring (supposed killers of his wife) down with him. Sarah's a little miffed at the suicidal aspect of this plan and she's all ready to go after him but then Chuck locks her in Castle and goes to rescue Shaw himself.

There is a think where Jeff and Lester stalk Shaw which is how Chuck finds him after The Ring has removed the tracker (don't ask how, just go with it) and while Chuck is working on gaining entrance to the room a zillion stories below a dilapidated warehouse in the valley where Shaw is conversing with a hologram of The Ring's head baddie, said baddie is showing Shaw a very sad video of his wife being Sarah!

Yeah, it turns out that lady that Sarah was ordered to kill but not told why in order for her to become a spy? Shaw's wife. Shaw must be older than he looks. While Shaw stands there being dumbstruck and blindsided and heartbroken - seriously, first girlfriend he has since his wife gets killed and it turns out she's the wife's killer? That's just bad luck, right there - he's tasered, and the general has a plane a couple of minutes out from droppin' the bombs. But whatever because Chuck obviously gets to him, fireman carries his fine ass out of the building and rendezvous with Sarah (who had Casey bust her out of Castle) in the parking lot.

Then Chuck makes his final plea to Sarah to come with him and she's still on the fence between Chuck and Shaw (a problem I'd like to have some day myself, by the way) when Casey drops in for a visit and tells her that Chuck couldn't kill that guy in the train yard so Casey did it. Because Sarah and Chuck are totally Casey's BFFs and we all know it! That tender moment over, Sarah knows for sure she wants to go with Chuck and just as she's about to walk out the door (leaving her gun behind in a bit of a gesture), Shaw pops in with a fake emergency and whisks her away.

Then the General contacts Chuck because they found the video file and they now know that Sarah offed Mrs. Shaw and that it probably isn't a good idea to let him anywhere near her but she is missing and so is Shaw...dun, dun, DUN!

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