February 11, 2010

Snow Queen

There was a blizzard in New York City yesterday. An actual blizzard. And this is what Butterface GaGa wore for the occasion:

I can't decide if she was trying to be noticed (like she ALWAYS is) or if she was trying keep from being noticed by blending into the blizzard. Is she camouflaged as a snowball?
Stay tuned for the headlines about her impending hypothermia and pneumonia.

God, this woman is just such an asshole!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Although I like her music, I do not like the fact that she tries too hard to be novel and unusual are far as fashion goes. It is like when someone is trying too hard to be sexy, it just doesn't work. It has an opposite effect, it makes you look pathetic. Instead of her over the top outfits making her look stylish, they make her look ridiculous!!!