February 1, 2010

I'm Ready For A Spin-Off

The Vampire Diaries is a whopping 12 episodes old, and already I'd like to propose a spin-off. While I enjoy the show in general well enough, at this point, I'm mostly in it for Caroline and Matt so I'd be really, really happy if the two of them either got more screen time, or got their own show.

Anyway, last week's episode, which I watched over the weekend, was pretty good. The vamp population of Mystic Falls seems to be climbing every day - Stefan and Damon are now hip to the hoodie-wearing jackhole who caused Elena's accident and neither one is very happy about it. Damon wants to know if the guy knows how to free Katherine and Stefan wants him dead so he'll stop terrorizing Elena.

Neither of them is aware that Anna, the sweet home-school girl Jeremy made friends with in the library last week, is a vamp. I wasn't either and I was kind of heart broken when I found out. I mean, can we please cut poor Jeremy a break already? That kid needs a girlfriend who isn't high and isn't undead, in the worst way!

They're also unaware that The Grill's bartender, former high school football star Ben (Sean Farris), is a vampire. So is Bonnie which is really too bad because she is warm for his form like you can't believe. I can't say as I blame her because he's a good-looking fellow, but there is a definite smarm to him that I would really think her witchy powers would pick up on. But that's teenage girls for you I guess, blinded to reality by a hot body and a pretty face.

Anyway, Hoodie Vamp posed as a pizza boy and got an invite into the Gilbert abode so after another attempt on Elena's life, Stefan and Damon are taking no chances and out to off his blood-sucking ass. Which they do, at the school's '50s sock hop dance. Oh Mystic Falls, with your theme-y costume-requiring events!

Anyway, the Salvatore brothers accompany Elena to the dance (yeah, that's not going to create any unnecessary triangular complications, E!) so that they can better keep a watch for Hoodie but they somehow still manage to leave her alone with the menacing hooded one so she has to stop relying on the boys to keep her safe and find her inner Buffy. Which she does when she stabs Hoodie with a couple of Number 2s. It doesn't kill him - either because her aim isn't great or because vamps are less easy to kill on TVD than on BTVS. Maybe both. Anyway, she slows him down long enough for the Salvatores to swoop in and do the job themselves. But rather than aiming for the heart on the first stab, they give him more of a torture staking to get some information from him, mostly about the deets of freeing Katherine from the tomb. Turns out, the info Damon (and the others) need is in that ancestral diary that Jeremy has. Questions answered, they kill Hoodie and skidaddle. But not before Damon notices that Alaric saw some of the shit that went down and tries to put the mind-control mojo on Mr. History, who plays along even though he's gripping a sprig of vervane in his mitt like his life depends on it.

Oh and speaking of Alaric - Jeremy lent him the diary in question and then told Anna he did so, so now Anna is probably going to try to off Mr. History to get it which I hope she doesn't do. It'd be a damn shame to lose the only competent living vamp hunter this show has. Plus, he's really cute. Oh, and it turns out he was married to Elena's birth mother, who was obviously related to Katherine who also vamped Hoodie and possibly Anna. I know, I'm a little confused too.

Anyway, Bonnie is hot for the slightly older Ben and completely unaware that he's evil so she asks him out and he ever-so-willingly accepts because he's working the "get close to the witch for some help" angle to freeing Katherine. He and Anna are working together it seems - and also making out, which is really disconcerting because he's old enough to tend bar and she's playing Jeremy's age which I'm pretty sure is 15 and so I get very squicked by the tongue-play.

And finally (I saved the best for last), Matt and Caroline. After Elena gifts Caroline (and everyone else she knows/is related to - because Stefan just now thought of helping these people not be vulnerable to the mind-bending powers of his brother and others who might seek to drain them of blood? Seriously?) with vervane disguised as a necklace, they have a bit of a confab about whether or not Elena would be bugged by Caroline taking up a romance with E's hot ex. E doesn't mind, and is actually probably a little relieved since she'd no longer have to feel bad for flaunting her relationship with Stefan in Matt's mug all the time.

So Caroline sort of tries to ask Matt to the dance - while he's helping her paint signs for it, which is just freaking adorable - but he tells her he won't be going to the dance because now that football season is over and his sister is missing (dead!), he's got to work at The Grill. After making an appearance at the dance, Caroline and Bonnie head to The Grill for dinner but really because they would each like to ogle the objects of their affection.

But you know how Caroline is always talking without thinking? Yeah, she totally gives Bonnie shit about Ben being a loser, washed-up jock who tends bar for a living and poor Matt hears it. That, of course, gives him the impression that he too is a loser in Caroline's estimation, which could not be further from the truth. Poor, stupid Caroline and her insensitive mouth! Anyway, he proceeds to give C the very cold shoulder all night and Bonnie convinces Caroline to stop waiting for him to define shit and just ask him if he'd maybe like to stop being friends and start being friends who date, soon followed by boyfriend and girlfriend and then marriage and children. Wait, maybe some of that is just my wishful thinking based on my extreme love for how cute these two are together.

Anyway, Caroline makes her pitch for expanding the friendship and he tells her that he doesn't think it's a good idea. His argument is that their friendship is the best thing in his life and he's afraid that if they try for something else, and it doesn't work out, then they won't even have the friendship and his whole life will suck beyond the telling of it. He is also trying to use his possible lingering feelings for Elena - which even he doesn't really think he has anymore - as an excuse. Caroline gets het up with some pretty righteous anger, calling him on the bullshit of being so chicken of ruining a friendship, that he went and had a whole relationship in his head, decided it wouldn't work, and then nixed the possibility of it in real life thereby fucking up the friendship anyway because she's not really into being strung along as his safety friend.

Off she storms in a fantastic huff, walking home alone at night in a town lousy with murderous fiends. But given a few minutes to ruminate on the great truths that Caroline dropped on his sweet ass, our Matt realizes he's fucked up and hops in the car to chase after her. When he catches up to her, she's still fuming - she stomps up to him with a "WHAT?" and in a move I had to watch 3 times because I loved it that much, he quickly takes her face in his hands and plants an awesome kiss on her. When they stop kissing he declares, with a very sweet smile, that "this will never work."

This week, they'll go back in time for more Katherine crap. I really hope they don't release that bitch from her tomb because I can't stand her.

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