February 9, 2010


So all this time watching Life Unexpected I've been bothered by this nagging dislike I'm harbouring for Baze even though the character is mostly pretty likable. I was thinking that maybe it was because the actor once played someone so despicable that it soured me on him (and everyone he ever plays) forever, yet I could not place what that role would have been.

Then JustJared put up this interview with Kristoffer Polaha and it came to me like a bolt of lightening! In the (terrible) third season of Roswell, Polaha played a supremely douchey old college friend of Jesse's who was a tabloid reporter and thus tried to out Izzy as an alien and ruin lives. He wore this annoying hat and was just so awful that my hatred of him is best described as "seething."

Whew! Now that I know why I was pre-disposed to dislike Baze, I will put that noxious ass out of my mind for good and start judging Baze on his own merits. I feel so much better now!

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