January 12, 2010

Supreme Comander of Awesome Is More Like It

As promised, I caught up on Chuck last night. I thought the first episode ("Chuck vs. The Pink Slip") was a touch boring. Good, but not quite up to the best Chuck standards. The second and third episodes of the new season were outstanding though. I FULLY support the Captain Awesome-centric storylines and giving him more to do on the show period because as Chuck mentioned, he has that nickname for a reason! In fact, I think he should be promoted up the ranks and at least be a Major by now, if not a Colonel or a General. Yes, General Awesome.

I also watched the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother and while I'm glad that they're getting closer to meeting the actual mother, the contrivances that keep us from seeing who it is simply because they haven't cast her yet and seemingly don't know when they'll get around to it, are starting to bug. I mean her foot? Really? That said, the song and dance number was great and I especially loved the part of the song when Marshall, Ted, Lilly and Robin got in on the action - "Let me stop you right there. Suits! Come on, Lilly. Pull your head out of your ass." That really cracked me up.

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