December 7, 2009

Three Reasons I'll Watch Life Unexpected

I saw my first trailer for The CW's mid-season offering Life Unexpected over the weekend and immediately decided I'll be watching it for the following three reasons.

1) Brittany Robinson has very expressive eyes and if the scenes I saw are any indication, she's going to use those and some genuine acting talent to elicit tears from me on a regular basis. And that's a good thing.

2) Kerr Smith. And also Diane Farr which I only just found out about from IMDb and for all I know it may just be one episode but even if it is, I still like her. But mostly, Kerr Smith. Which actually reminds me how much I liked that show he did a few years back with Victor Garber (Justice).

3) Shiri Applebee was a terrible actress back when she was on Roswell and there is this part of me that wants to tune in and find out that she's still the worst actress on a given show. But I'll be really pleasantly surprised if it turns out she's improved.
ETA: It turns out it's Shiri's 31st birthday today and since I'm not sure the above statement was a very nice thing to end the post with on her birthday, I had to drop back in to say that she also has really nice, shiny hair. And Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

I watched Life Unexpected entire pilot. If you want a piece of advise: watch it. Believe me, it's not good, it's GREAT! I got hooked.

Now, 2 commentaries on what you've said:
1) I didn't see Diane Farr and don't believe she is going to be there. I guess it was an IMDB mistake (not the first one)

2) I wasn't a Shiri Appleby fan, either, but you know what? She DID improve, and A LOT. Honestly, she shut my mouth. I'm even rooting for her character in a way I never thought it would be possible. It's by far her best performance EVER. I still have to watch episode 2 to confirm she will repeat it...Really, I didn't recognise her.

3) If you liked Kerr Smith, you will LOVE him here.

4) The one who plays the father: to die for.

Really, this show it's a MUST SEE. It's sweet, endearing and veeery funny. They are all excellent but my favs are Shiri (the mother) and Kris (the father)