December 10, 2009

My Life Will Suck Without Glee (Until April)

I can't necessarily blame Fox for imposing a three and a half month hiatus on Glee because there is evidence to suggest that people will wait for this show. After all, they aired the pilot last spring after the American Idol finale and not only did it become a huge hit even before the fall season started, but it's instant popularity prompted the casts' version of "Don't Stop Believin'" to become the most downloaded song in iTunes history. The show wins fans who love it enough to wait around for it to come back.

But that doesn't mean that those fans enjoy the wait. We don't.

In the fall finale New Directions has finally made it to the home stretch of the race for Sectionals and things are, of course, falling apart.

Since Will took the bullet for the team last week after he found out that Terry was faking her pregnancy and took it upon himself to open and sleep on one of the mattresses that the kids were paid in, he's no longer able to be the glee club director. Since he's desperate and Emma is in love with him, she changes the time of her own wedding to take the kids to Sectionals.

Mercedes is not great at keeping secrets and has told everyone in glee club that Puck is Quinn's baby daddy - everyone, that is, except Rachel, who'd tell Finn, and Finn, who'd quit. They're worried that Rachel will spill the beans and spoil everything because, as Artie notes, she is kind of a trout mouth. They were right to worry because she makes the necessary deductions and tells Finn who not only punches my boyfriend in his beautiful face, but tells both Puck and Quinn that he never wants to see them again. Then he quits glee club. Sad faces all around.

They head off to Sectionals with Blog Fro subbing in as their 12th member, where they discover that Sue has given their set list to the two competing schools. The delinquents have stolen Mercedes' ballad ("And I'm Telling You") and the "Proud Mary" number - complete with wheelchairs - while the deaf kids snaked signature number "Don't Stop Believin'." New Directions is well and truly screwed.

That's when Will once again works some of his manipulative mojo on Finn who swoops in to save the day. Here's the plan - Rachel will sing a ballad ("Don't Rain On My Parade" from Funny Girl), and the whole club will rock "You Can't Always Get What You Want" for which Mike, Matt, Santana and Brittany will choreograph some simple steps for everyone. They kill it, of course.

Ken is rightly pissed that Emma fucked with their wedding to do a favor for Will and he leaves her at the alter, which she admits she deserved. Then she tells Will that she's quit McKinley and will be moving away because even though he left his wife, it is not right for her to hang around mooning over him and hurting other people in the process.

Meanwhile, a pretty awesome speech from Emma to the other glee directors made them feel bad enough that at least one of them (Eve) fessed up to Figgins which prompts him to suspend Sue. She takes it a little better than I expected and vows to come back stronger and crazier than ever. I, for one, can't wait!

With Sue's shenanigans revealed, Figgins squares things with the district and reinstates Will as the director. The kids then present him with their enormous trophy and serenade him with a pretty awesome rendition of "My Life Would Suck Without You." That's when Will decides he can't let Emma go, so he chases her down in the hall and plants a wet one on her.

The end. Until April.

Or until I buy part one of the season on DVD on December 29th.

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