December 7, 2009

Miss Me?

Ok, I really thought I'd post at least a LITTLE during my vacation but it turns out I only turned the computer on twice and didn't have a lot of time or patience for blogging either time. So I'm back to work and to blogging now.


Brenda B said...

Definately missed you. and you should have vacations that don't involve turning on the computer even just for blogging. So good for you. Tibby is so cute, and I love the pattern of what she's laying on, what is that?

Melissa said...

That is my bedspread. I got it for my birthday but it only got chilly enough around these parts to put it on my bed very recently - now I know I really love it so I'll be decorating my room around it. :)

Oh yeah, and thanks! I too think Tibby is really cute.

Meg said...

My Tibster!! I love and miss my little niece dearly!